H1Z1 Pro League Roster Revealed

Gankstars proudly present their official 2018 roster for the inaugural season of H1Z1 Pro League!

Gankstars 2018 H1Z1 Roster.png

Nolan “Beast” Emery

Kyle “Kyraig” Craig

Garrett “buffalo” Perry

Brenden “Casper” Marino

Max “nasticle” Clelan

Dylan “mobz” Hernandez

Luc “LudicrouslyLuc” Matthews (Coach)

“When first joining the team, I knew there was potential for something great,” says Luc, Gankstars’ H1Z1 Team Manager and Coach. “The goal was to find two elite players who could add to the core team of nasticle, Beast, and Casper’s already winning culture that Gankstars is accustomed to.”

Gankstars beat both Echo Fox and Rogue during DreamHack Atlanta last summer, finishing 9th overall. A few months later, the team added Casper and placed 2nd in the first qualifier at DreamHack Sweden; however, one of the players had technical issues in the second qualifier that prevented him from playing, and the team had to take a loss. The potential of the new core became apparent, and now the team just needed to find two players to complement it.

Luc admits it was a challenge for him to add two players to the team who had never played competitively together. Right from the start, however, the two players added - kyraig and Buffalo - would exceed expectations. The team practiced rigorously six days a week, and managed to always have a good time. Then Dylan "mobs" Hernandez joined, an amazing backup who is on-par with the starters.

This April, Gankstars' pro H1Z1 team takes center stage at Caesars Palace's new esports arena in Las Vegas. The team will compete alongside 14 other inaugural franchises, including esports giants such as Cloud9, Team SoloMid, Rogue, and Tempo Storm. 

“I’m excited to go to Vegas to prove to everyone that we’re the best team in H1PL!” says Luc.

The opening ceremony and the first match of the inaugural season will take place Saturday, April 21st at 7pm Pacific. Fans can attend live by purchasing a ticket at tixr.com/h1z1pro, or watch live on facebook.com/h1z1proleague.