GankCoin: Revolution in Esports Payments


UPDATE: This was our April Fools joke, we hope you enjoyed!

When we first launched our website back in 2015, it stated that Gankstars' ultimate vision was to help push the entire esports industry forward. At the time, the statement was almost laughable: how can a new esports org do anything to impact the entire industry? We couldn't, of course. Yet passion to eventually be in the position of being able to affect change on global level is that helped us get through everyday challenges. Today, we can finally announce something that we think will send ripple effects across the entire community and change the way pro esports players are paid. 

The Twin Problem

The biggest challenge to any aspiring esports organization in this rapidly-growing industry is the ability to afford pro player salaries. Even if you're a pro player for a top-tier organization, you're probably used to complimenting that salary with donations from streaming. Not to mention most of team support staff and many esports casters.

On the other hand, you have millions of fans who watch competitions, but are not able to reward their favorite player when he or she does an incredible move in game, leading their team to victory. Shouldn't the fans be able to tip to their favorite players right then, in the moment?

We call this the Twin Problem because the two scenarios are separate, but obviously related - solving the second problem also solves the first. 

Let's be honest - the value of each professional player varies wildly. Why? Because professional players are rockstars, not just athletes. They're celebrities in the world of esports. If one player has 100,000 die-hard followers and another also has 100,000 followers that don't feel very engaged, should they still be paid the same just because they're on the same team? Every player should be rewarded proportionate to the size & quality of personal brand they have worked so hard to build. 

The Solution

It was in front of us this whole time: if esports organizations are primarily valued by their following, and that value changes real-time and dynamically as their fan base grows, then why are professional players not given the same opportunity? Fans should be the ones defining a professional players' worth. Indirectly, they already do - no organization will hire a player that's universally-hated. With the emergency of blockchain technology, we are finally able to connect fans and players directly.

Introducing GankCoin - a tradable, open-platform cryptocurrency that every fan will soon be able to buy, and every professional player will be able to receive at any time, whether live at a tournament or live on an esports comedy show. 

It's a revolutionary, direct connection between the fan and the player. After we execute the Initial Coin Offering (April 15-30, sign up below for details on how to participate), GankCoin will be available on your favorite cryptocurrency exchange platform. If you already own Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrency, you will be able to buy GankCoin with it. Because GankCoin is blockchain-based, there's no central repository for its data, which means that any esports organization will be able to collect GankCoin from their fans as payment to their professional players. 

Leading by Example: Coin Match

On May 1, we will start sending communications to our hundreds of thousands of followers about how they can purchase GankCoin. For the entire month of May, Gankstars will gift a GankCoin for every coin purchased; i.e., everyone who buys in May will get double the value. And in June, we will gift half a coin for every coin purchased.

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