Welcome Fortnite Mobile!

Ever since the exciting announcement that Fortnite was coming to mobile in April we have had our eagle-eyed scouts looking for the best of the best on that platform. As they say, “Never forget where you came from.” We are excited and proud to introduce our brand new squad, a Fortnite Mobile team!

Please welcome:

  • Flashing, the team captain with an arsenal of well-rounded aiming and building skills

  • AdamXlegend, a youtuber whose incredible building videos have had reactions from Fortnite influencers such as TSM’s Myth and Hamlinz

  • TonyXlegend, whose editing and Fortnite abilities are second to absolutely none, and

  • Ops, our go-to for when all you need is a man who knows his firearms.

The guys have already proven themselves as the top lineup in the competitive scene, having beaten some tough competition in early tournaments such as Tribe and Omen.

We’re looking forward to soon watching the team in action together with all of you! Please give the guys a warm welcome by following them on Twitter:





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