The Legends Return (for a bit)

Valiance is organizing a Critical Ops tournament called Endgame? Oh. Snap.

Gankstars are back. Please welcome, Gankstars: Endgame:

rebalo (previously D2R)

Blueice (previously Hammers)

PaPi Tec (previously V5)

Ca Phe (previously Hammers)

S P A C E D (previously Hammers)

Swag-Kun (previously MIS) and

Agonized (previously SEM)

Thanos said he plans to snap again after the tournament, but until then we’re alive.

Critical Ops had always been one of our favorite games - a plant/defuse strategic shooter on mobile with great controls. Fans - we’ve been blessed with your amazing support. This endgame is for you.