Critical Ops Farewell Announcement


I remember exactly the state of the scene when Gankstars entered Critical Ops: Kings and Team Phoenix dominated the tournaments, ranked and gun game modes did not yet exist, Valiance had just entered the scene as a tournament organizer, and the Koi AK skin was considered the best. Despite the game lacking many features, everyone had the same feeling about it, “This is special”. We played not because the game was fancy or had prizes; we played because we loved it. We played because we wanted to be the best and in Critical Ops you couldn’t be the best by using your credit card.

Over the coming months, Gankstars team was a joke to many. The early days were hard; figuring out the right formula to win took effort and dedication from every one of our players, and they did not give up. They used the criticism as fuel to accomplish what many at the time thought was impossible - dethroning Team Phoenix. It wasn't easy; Phoenix had the competitive scene on lockdown, winning everything they entered.

The biggest turning point for Gankstars was picking up Joker and later supplementing him with a supporting cast of players, such as Judgement, Takis, Obzerps, and 2beast. Then, on April 8th, 2017 and almost a year after Gankstars entered the scene, our team did the impossible and became the first team to defeat Team Phoenix in Critical Ops. From that point on, Gankstars would go on to become the winningest team in the game, securing over ten 1st place finishes in tournaments and even winning the first-ever LAN event - the Amazon Mobile Masters in Seattle.


As we write this and look back at our time in Critical Ops, we realize we loved every minute of it.

That is why we are deeply saddened to announce that we will be taking our leave from the scene. This does not mean that we do not believe in the future of Critical Ops; we are just as enthusiastic about the game as we were when we first downloaded it. We know the game has a bright future, and the development has accelerated in the past few months. One day we would love to return. For now, we need to focus elsewhere while waiting for the game to develop.

Our team has changed alot since 2016. We added some of the best talent and personalities you could find, and while some left, they will always be in our hearts. So we would like to shout out all the players and staff that helped bring you the Gankstars experience during our time here: Joker, Judgement, Luis, Takis, Kingeh, Night, 2beast, Spectre, Alpha, Vulcan, Milio, Tempy, Toast, MVP, Topgun, Verty, Obzerrps, Punn, Fusion, Phenom, Krissyg, Hugz, Noobcity, Thesk, Carnage, and God. Also, special shoutout to the team staff, Kinguin, Rigged, and Sound.

We want to thank Critical Force for the amazing memories they made possible with their beautiful game. We want to thank Valiance for the excellent environment they gave us to compete in. We want to thank the players who we believed in for believing in us. We want to thank our community staff for working tirelessly to bring you fun community events every week - these people are really awesome.

A special thank you to Joker for being a great team leader and, like a true champion, going the full distance when it mattered the most. Whatever his next thing is, we know he is capable of greatness.

Lastly, we want to give the most important thank you to you, the fans. Not just our fans, but every single person who is a fan of Critical Ops; without you guys, none of this would have been possible.

We will be forever grateful for the memories each and everyone of you gave us and look forward to a time in the future where you can once again spam #GSWIN in the chat!

- Judgement

P.S.Be on the lookout for our Fortnite Mobile Team announcement coming soon.