Code of Conduct

We always strive for the utmost integrity and sportsmanship in competitive environments. This is an incredibly important aspect of protecting our brand, as well as each individual players'. The following applies to all contracted Gankstars personnel as well as anyone representing Gankstars in any capacity.


Players are expected to conduct themselves with absolute integrity in all aspects of competitive play, from mini-brackets to large competitive events. For competitions, this means:

  • Players are to play on their personal account only.

  • No account sharing (e.g., playing on an account that belongs to someone else, or allowing them to play on yours).

  • No purposeful violation of league rules.

  • No purposeful disruption of an opponent's ability to compete (e.g., calling them mid-game).


Players are expected to contribute toward helping create and maintain a positive, learning environment. This means: 

  • Players should abide by league rules at all times.

  • Competition admins should be respected at all times.

  • Any disputes should be left to the managers/Captains to resolve.

  • Social media should not be used to resolve conflicts with internal Gankstars personnel or external entities, such as leagues.

  • If a conflict occurs, you should reach out to one of your managers to assist in conflict resolution.

  • Comments should never be made that discriminate or harass on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, marital status, citizenship, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by law, or that you know can be offensive to others.

  • Players should have fun!


Players are expected to compete (win or lose) while displaying the utmost respect towards their teammates and opponents, whether it is deserved or not. This means:

  • During competitive play, players are required to mute in-game emoticons.

  • Occurrences of excessive BM (bad-mouthing) will be dealt with according to managerial discretion.

  • Proper conduct inside and outside of the game are essential to developing lasting and beneficial relationships within the community.

Violation of these rules is subject to corrective measures at Gankstars management's discretion.