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Gankstars is the world's best esports org. No joke, we checked - we're the best. Our staff is truly in a league of its own, legends all around! Would you like to be a legend? We're looking to add team players who are smart, driven, and passionate about esports and people. Why people? Because we exist to provide the best experience to everyone who touches our brand, from our fans to our players. So a genuine passion for providing great service is a must.

With your help, we look forward to building out the community of gamers that is Gankstars into one of the largest and most-known communities in the world. Here, you can work with like-minded, loving people to build an amazing grassroots success story.

Benefits include:

  • Instantly acquiring 50+ friends who care about nerdy things like you.
  • No official work hours.
  • Zero commuting, save on gas.
  • Wear your pajamas to team meetings (if you wear nothing to team meetings—keep that to yourself).
  • You can work in bed all day.
  • Watch Twitch while you work.
  • Laugh at your friends' boring jobs.


At this time, the listed positions do not offer monetary compensation.