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We love a good match. When you lose a close basketball game to friends, you don't throw punches; you say "damn, that was good," shake hands, laugh, and head for a drink together. This is how we approach Vainglory - intense in a match to make it a game worth watching, yet friends otherwise. 

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We won both international and regional titles & placed top 3 during every Vainglory season to date. GankStars is the only organization in Vainglory to have been invited to all 4 Korean events and have attended a seasonal championship during each of the 6 seasons that Vainglory has had to date.

2nd @ Spring 2017 Western Unified Championship in London

4th @ VISPRO 2017 Winter Split 2 

3rd @ VISPRO 2017 Winter Split 1

3rd @ 2016 World Championship 

We were the only organization in the history of Vainglory to bring not one, but two teams to a World Championship, as both our NA and EU teams qualified. The EU team (Cerberus) went 1-1 against Korean Hack, but was knocked out of group stages by Team SoloMid. Sirius, however, went all the way to the semi-finals, where they were defeated 3-1 by the team that became World Champions, Team Phoenix. Our guys went on to defeat Hammers Esports and secure 3rd place in the World. We are very proud of the team, and we'll be back next year for that 1st place.

NA & EU Autumn 2016 Split 2 | 1st place (both teams/regions)

NA & EU Autumn 2016 Split 1 | 2nd place (both teams/regions)

EU Summer 2016 Season | June 22 - Sep 11, 2016 | 2nd in Reg. Season, 3rd place (shared) in Finals

Team Cerberus (IraqiZorro, TetnoJJ, nettetoilette, L3oN, and AeOn) were outperformed only by Team Secret during regular season. Alas, it was Team Secret that knocked the team out during semi-finals into a top 3 spot. With only a month to play with with their new roam nettetoilette, the team did really well.

VIPL Season 3 | May 3 - June 4, 2016 | 3rd place

Team Sirius (IraqiZorro, FooJee, R3cKeD) went back in Korea to fight for the world title. 3-0 in group stages, they fell to Team Hack in the semifinals. More info

EU VGL Spring Season 2016 Finals | June 11 - 13, 2016 | 7th/8th

Team Cerberus was seeded #2 for the final event of the Spring season, but the starter L3oN couldn't make it. They tried their best with substitute player AeOn; alas, more team synergy was needed that could be worked out in the short time before the event.

EU VGL Qualifier 2, Spring Season 2016 | Apr 30 - May 8, 2016 | 2nd place

TetnoJJ, L3oN, Emirking, and AeOn grabbed 2nd place in the best-of-5 match against Team Secret

VGL Qualifier 1, Spring Season 2016 | Apr 9 - 17, 2016 | 1st in EU, 2nd in NA

In EU, TetnoJJ, L3oN, Emirking, and AeOn clinched 1st place in the 5th game of a best-of-5 match against G2 Kinguin

Meanwhile, GS Sirius grabbed 2nd place after losing their 5th game in a best-of-5 match against HE Kinetic

North American Winter Championship | March 11 - 13, 2016 | 3rd place (shared)

Undefeated until semi-finals, GankStars Sirius lost 1-3 to Team SoloMid. Read more or watch replay.

VGL Qualifier 2, Winter Season 2016 | Feb 13 - 28, 2016 | 2nd place

FooJee replaced CullTheMeek on team Sirius and had a great showing, not losing a game until the semifinals. Sirius lost to Alliance in the finals, earning 2nd seed in the Winter NA Championships in March. Read more or watch replay.

PhoenixVG Community Tournament | Feb 8, 2016 | 1st place

GankStars Sirius and Polaris teams participated, with Sirius taking the win. Thanks to PhoenixVG for organizing. Read more.

VGL Qualifier 1, Winter Season 2016 | Jan 13 - 31, 2016 | 1st place

Three GankStars teams - Sirius, Vega, and Polaris - participated in VGL's Winter Season. All made Round of 16, Polaris being eliminated there. Vega and Sirius had to face each other in the quarterfinals, with Vega stopping there. Sirius (IraqiZorro, CullTheMeek, gabevizzle) proceeded to win the semis and finals. Read more or watch replay.

Vainglory World Series | Jan 2015 | 1st place

GankStars Vega (FooJee, Oldskool, and R3cKeD) defeated NA Autumn Season champion Liberation X in a 3-game set.

Vainglory International Premier League S2 | Dec - Jan 2015 | 3rd place

IraqiZorro, CullTheMeek, and gabevizzle went back to Korea to defend their title from the previous VIPL. They only lost once - to Ardent Alliance in the semifinals - and came home with 3rd place prize. Read more or watch replay.

VGL North America Fall Season | Oct - Dec 2015 | 3rd place

GankStars Vega placed 3rd in North America finals after a win over VON Menace. Read more or watch replay (2:48:00).

Vainglory International Premier League S1 | Aug - Sep 2015 | 1st place

Only weeks after World Invitational, team Sirius flew back to South Korea for a month to represent North America in VIPL and became world champions after beating Hunters. Read more.

GOTN, Month 2, Season 1 | August 2015 | 1st place

Just-formed GankStars Cerberus brings their first trophy home! Read more.

GOTN, Month 1, Season 1 | July 2015 | 1st place

Team Sirius GankStars brings another one home! Congratulations also to our members XenoTek and Lola420 on securing 2nd place together with an Ardent member, MICSHE. Read more.

Vainglory World Invitational | July 2015 | 3rd place

The first world championship was a single elimination tournament, so after losing to Invincible Armada in their bracket Sirius' best hope was for the third place, which they did secure. GGs! Read more.

June 2015 VGL 3v3 | 1st place

IraqiZorro, gabevizzle, and CullTheMeek won June's VGL NA tournament. They are flying to Seoul in July to fight for the title of World Champions!

May 2015 VGL 3v3 | 1st place

Team Sirius secured #1 spot in May's VGL NA tournament. Read more.

League of Extraordinary Vainglorians (LEV) | March - July 2015

One of our teams (IraqiZorro, Chino, Lola420, Rag3) was #1 rank at the time LEV was canceled.

March 2015 VGL 2v2 | 2nd place

GankStars' IraqiZorro and Chino lost to R3D's MYQ and RedWolf in the finals of VGL's 2v2 tournament hosted on EU servers.

BrokenMyth 2v2 | February 7th 2015 | 2nd place

RAG3 and FlashX, who just joined the GankStars family along with the rest of the Venom guild, battled FooJee and LostBoyToph to secure 2nd place at the tourney.

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