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GS Sirius to Play in VIPL Season 3

Seoul, the home away from home. The city seems to be Sirius' ultimate destination - the team had spent as much time there in the past year as they have in North America. This April 24th they departed California once again in search of glory in Korea, the country where gaming is the ultimate form of sport. 

It feels great to be back! This is the 4th time in Korea for IraqiZorro, and 2nd time for FooJee and R3cKeD. But this time is different: they will be playing at OGN's new eSports stadium. And what an honor it is - VIPL S3 will be the first competition broadcasted from the new facility! 

Many of our VIPL friends are back: Infamous, Hunters, Invincible Armada, WILD, Hack. It feels like a family reunion; win or lose, friendships grow stronger every time. In terms of housing, Sirius will be staying with Team Phoenix, another team invited to represent the NA region this season. It's the first time in Korea for Team Phoenix, but our players are happy to show them the ropes. If we're lucky, NA will have 2 teams in the top 3, just like it did last season.

More background on VIPL teams can be found in Vainglory's official news post. We've attached a copy of the schedule below. GLHF to all teams! Damn it feels good to be back.

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