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Introducing the Daily Flex

Ever come home and want to catch up on the daily news, all in one place? Perhaps your Twitter feed gets too busy and you just want to make sure you didn't miss anything? 

GankStars Galaxy presents... the Daily Flex ! (Easy to remember URL: We'll be covering news across games we are participating in.

Type of Content

We'll focus on community-centric news and will purposefully avoid most self-serving news such as "Organization X lands sponsor Y" or "Streamer A gets X # of subscribers". Some exceptions are ground-breaking news and news that mark a community milestone. For example, Rumbly reaching 100k YouTube subscribers would be reported news, but GankStars acquiring DXRACER sponsorship would not be. We will not post leaks, ever. 

How to Report

Want to report news? Email us at with a link or tag us @gankstars on Twitter! We only cover news that has happened, so please do not contact us about upcoming events with the hope of using the Daily Flex for advertisement/promotion. 

PS: Credit to BFDMMEXI for the name!

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