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GankStars Roster Changes for Summer Season

Summer Is Here!

A new season has arrived! and with it comes a swarm of new changes and great opportunity. Most notably, 'The Evil 8' & 'Challengers' Series pave an exciting and thorough path in professional/competitive Vainglory and open up many new doors for players, teams, and organizations. So what's different?

We will be moving away from traditional "starters" and "substitutes", instead opting for what we now call our Primary & Secondary rosters for both competitive teams. We don't want players to stagnate on a roster larger than 3 and only fill in when sickness or absence occurs, but rather we want all members to be as active as possible. This change means that our players will be training every week in order to determine who will find their time in the Evil8 weekend tournament. Our Primary roster will represent GankStars each weekend in Evil8, while the secondary roster continues to prepare/practice for the same opportunity in following weeks.

Possibly the most exciting part of the new structure is the opportunity we have to bring on new talent and help develop these players towards their competitive aspirations, while also achieving our competitive goals. That being said, we are happy to announce the new additions to the GankStars family, as well as some internal movement of existing players for the first split of Summer Season.

GankStars Coach & Competitive Advisor

Ian “lots” Murawski

We are excited to announce the addition of lots to GankStars. As an integral piece in helping Liberation secure their victory in Autumn Live Championships, lots is known as one of the most cerebral thinkers in the Vainglory community, bringing his expertise in strategy, player development, and innovation to our team. Pushing everyone to perform at their highest potential, he becomes another valuable asset to our competitive family and future success.

You can follow lots here: Twitter - @VGlots

New Additions to GankStars Sirius

*The following players will be joining FooJee for the Summer Season*

Paul “LoneDelphi” Davis

As Vainglory continues to develop and new talent makes its way into the upper echelon of players, GankStars is committed to not only finding these players, but also helping them grow into top tier competitors. LoneDelphi has been a Vainglorious level player for a while now, finding strong success in ranked play with a number of friends and close teammates. As a well-seasoned laner and jungler known for both his mechanics and pace-setting play-style, LoneDelphi will be showing the world what he brings to the table in the GankStars lineup. We are excited to see how he will add to our success in the upcoming Summer Season.

You can follow LoneDelphi here: Twitter - @paul_delphi

Brian "MackDaddyB" Brillantes

Many know him for his suave looks and muscular stature, while others know him for his strong Krul play and well-rounded Roam tactics. MackDaddyB has been a staple in the community for almost as long as Vainglory has been around in North America. Pushing the upper ranks with FooJee and CaptainJeffy in winter of 2015, helping IraqiZorro achieve Vainglorious Gold in the pre-season, and competing in seasonal VGL tournaments on The Sillies, Mack is no stranger to having a strong competitive spirit for the game. This Summer Season he will be stepping up his focus and ambition as he joins GankStars Sirius for the first time. Summer just got a lot hotter.

You can follow MackDaddyB here: Twitter - @kaloft

Alexander "PajamaDrama" Schiller

As the former leader, captain and shot-caller for Team Primal, PajamaDrama led his team to a first place overall finish in the VGL Spring Amateur series as well as a first place overall finish in the Spring 2016 VG Underground Tournament.  As an upcoming talent and dedicated player, PajamaDrama's young career has a promising future and we are excited to have him onboard for the Summer Season.

You can follow PajamaDrama here: Twitter - @PajamaDramaVG

Changes to GankStars Cerberus

IraqiZorro will be moving from GankStars Sirius to GankStars Cerberus for the Summer Season. While this move may come as a major shock to most of our supporters and fans, know that we are excited and confident about the impact he will have in the European region. Bringing his shot-calling expertise and competitive experience to the team, we continue to set our sights high for a successful Summer Season and a chance to earn our spot in the Live Championship finals.


GankStars continues to be 100% dedicated to our teams, our players, our community, our sponsors, and our incredibly loyal fans & family. Thank you for continued support.

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