We're in H1Z1 Pro League!

Gankstars is excited to announce that it is one of the 15 charter teams of the H1Z1 Pro League (H1PL), a groundbreaking league that puts players first while delivering a top-tier Battle Royale product. We stand alongside giants such as Cloud9, CLG, Echo Fox, and TSM. The venture is backed by Twin Galaxies, who produced Fight for the Crown, the H1Z1 LAN that aired on CW in April 2017. Events like Fight for the Crown and DreamHack Atlanta 2017 brought the Battle Royale genre into the esports limelight, which is now shared by titles such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite.

A common criticism of the Battle Royale genre when it comes to esports is that the action is often widespread, making it difficult for production crews to spectate and for viewers to follow. The H1PL plans to change that by automating the spectator camera, increasing the on-screen action through shortening of the range of combat, implementing an improved spectator UI, and developing a second screen that will provide juicy match statistics for viewers to cross-reference. Much like Fight for the Crown, H1PL matches will be programmatic (22 minute matches and 30 minute broadcasts). H1Z1's easy to understand mechanics make it the perfect introduction to esports for new audiences. All matches will be played live at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, providing exceptional production value. The season will consist of two 10-week splits, followed by a seasonal championship sometime at the end of the year.

With these broadcast improvements also come measures to professionalize esports. Players will receive minimum salaries, benefits, and a voice in the governing body while also living in a team house in Las Vegas, while organizations will receive profit-sharing from the league and hands-on access to the league's administration.

Find out more about the league at www.h1pl.com. Thank you for supporting us, Gank fam! This is a big milestone for GS, and we're hella-excited to be bringing you fun content, kick-ass performances, and more big news as the year unfolds. We'll do our best to make you proud!

#FeelsGood #GSWIN