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Presenting GSS 2017 Roster


2016 was quite a rollercoaster for GankStars's flagship team. Sirius began the year in Korea, with CullTheMeek, gabevizzle, and IraqiZorro defending their championship title in VIPL S2. After the team secured third place, CullTheMeek departed for TSM and was replaced by FooJee. A few months later, gabevizzle accepted an offer elsewhere and was replaced by R3cKeD. Another couple months after that, R3cKeD left and we made the decision to put IraqiZorro on Cerberus in EU.

This left GSS struggling to find a strong footing during the summer season. Thankfully, the hardship wasn't meant to last. The Autumn season witnessed the team again became one of the strongest in the world, after Oldskool and R3cKeD came back and brought Status with them. By the end of the year, GSS ended up placing 1st in NA and 3rd at Worlds. 

What a ride!


One of our goals for Sirius in 2017 is a stable roster. IraqiZorro is replacing Oldskool (who accepted an offer from Cloud9), and XenoTek is replacing Status. Status is an amazing jungler; however, due to school, he is not able practice as extensively as the rest of the team wants to. Expect him to find great success on whatever team is lucky enough to have him; who knows, maybe we'll see LibX skwad back together? HYPE! 

R3cKeD and Xelciar are continuing with the team as the captain and sub, respectively.

XenoTek is not a stranger to GankStars - his Vainglory career started here. We find him to be one of the most underrated junglers out there, a diamond in the rough. After some practices, we knew that Xeno is the right choice for the team. He is also a really fun Twitch streamer; go check him out and don't be surprised if you find yourself clicking that Subscribe button. His emotes are rad, and we really appreciate your support of our players and streamers! #GANKFAM

Are you as pumped as we are about 2017 Sirius?! 


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