Gankstars Skins in Forward Assault + Code for Free Gold!

They’re here.

Bold. Badass. With gold chainz. Only the best for the king of the map - you.

These are the first Gankstars skins ever to appear in a game, and you can find them in Forward Assault. Download it now on iOS or Android and enter code “GANK” during registration for some free goodies.

That’s right, Blayze Games are giving away 500 gold to all new users of the game who use the code “GANK” when registering an account. That’s enough for two Gold Crates worth of rare loot, with some gold still left over. See the graphic below for instructions. Existing users are not eligible unless they’d like to create a new alt account.

Forward Assault is an online esports tactical FPS. If you’ve played Critical Ops or Counter-Strike, you’ll be familiar with the style. As part of the partnership, Gankstars will be providing regular feedback to the developers about the game and how to improve it. This is a win-win collaboration for everyone involved: developers get to understand the needs of pro users, and casual users get new skins now and game improvements down the line.

Thank you all for supporting us. Now, the best way to support us and our teams is through these skins, so grab yours today! We can’t wait to see you in Forward Assault.