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Goodbye Cerberus

Even though we never wanted to part ways, it is with great pride and admiration that we announce the departure of GankStars Cerberus.

Recently, SEMC announced that one organization will be allowed to have only one competitive team. For a few months now, we all knew that, eventually, we would have to let go of one of our beloved teams. That reality only fueled Cerberus' fire, the fire that allowed them to take a spot next to their brothers, Sirius, in the first-ever Vainglory World Championship held in Hollywood, CA.


Earlier this year, right around April, TetnoJJ, L3on, AeOn, and Emirking joined GankStars and became Cerberus. The team played well together and quickly climbed the ladders. They placed 1st in the EU Spring Qualifiers, and later secured the #2 seed for the EU Spring Live Championship in Berlin. Without L3oN, however, the team was knocked out early by SNOW, and ended up placing 4-8th.


We knew we had a great team on our hands, it just needed a little leadership and tweaking. IraqiZorro left Sirius to join Cerberus, and nettetoilette replaced Emirking. With these changes, the team excelled during Summer and placed 3rd in the season's Live Championship. Top 3 is nothing to scoff at, but again we knew that the team can be #1 in EU with a little more work.

Autumn & Worlds

In Autumn of 2016, our faith paid off. Cerberus showed up strong and placed 2nd in Split 1, and went on to win every single weekend of the next split, finishing #1 in EU! This incredible performance earned them a spot in Vainglory World Championship. There, the team went 1-1 against Korean team Hack, but was knocked out of group stages by the team that ended up winning 2nd place, Team SoloMid. 

Autumn Split 2 Final Standings

What's Next?

IraqiZorro will be coming back to NA and joining Sirius as player or coach; stay tuned, the details will be revealed shortly! TetnoJJ, nettetoilette, and GreatkhALI will find new competitive teams to call home. And AeOn is currently undecided. 

What about L3oN? L3oN should be able to travel to the next Vainglory live event! L3oN can play any role in the game at the highest level, which makes him arguably the best player in the world. He tweeted today about GankStars being the best home he's ever had, but unfortunately his first live event will have to be played under another banner... Who knows what the future holds, though? Perhaps L3oN will call himself a GankStar once again in the future :) 

Our EU casual guild lives on! We have almost 25 awesome members who are not competing, and are looking for more. We are especially grateful to our Russian-speaking members who translate all of our news and posts into Russian and post on VK (their version of Facebook). GS is gearing up for a blast-off in 2017 and we're looking for all kinds of talent to help us build community projects, tools, and content. To apply, message mm1990 on Twitter.

Well, we suppose that's it. Goodbye, Cerberus - you rocked and were everything we hoped you would be. The whole GS fam will be cheering you on in future tournaments and competitions, and we will miss you, guys. Best of luck! 

Thank you for the memories, and remember, 

Once a GankStar, always a GankStar <3

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