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GankStars Win Split 2, Send Two Teams to Worlds

Autumn Split 2

We did it! Securing the #1 spot in both Europe and North America, we qualified for the first-ever Vainglory World Championship with both of our teams, Cerberus and Sirius. Cerberus placed 1st in EU during every single weekend this split, while Sirius grabbed 1st place twice and 3rd - once. The split was challenging and the guys had to beat industry titans such as Team Secret, G2, Team SoloMid, and Cloud9, often multiple times. The results: 

Final Autumn Split 2 standings

Organizations will be allowed to manage only one team starting January 2017, so in a way we're making history by being the only organization to ever bring two teams to the World championship. We're humbled to be the home of such amazing talent.

Damn it feels good to be a GankStar!

Worlds 2016

Worlds groups have also been announced today. The drawing for groups was random, except for one rule: no two teams from same region could end up in the same bracket. Thankfully, GSS and GSC fell into different groups. Some groups are harder than others, with groups A and B expected to be the toughest. 

VG Worlds 2016 Groups Drawing

GS Sirius: Oldskool, Statusbaked, R3cKeD, Xelciar, and Chicken123

GS Cerberus: IraqiZorro, TetnoJJ, nettetoilette, GreatkhAli, L3oN, and AeOn (L3oN and AeOn may not be able to make it to Worlds)

We're certainly celebrating today, though the hardest part is now ahead: preparing for Worlds. We are cooking up fun events and all kinds of great merchandise to be sold at the event, so be sure to get your tickets now! Don't hesitate to come up and talk to any of us; we would love to meet you, our fans, as you have been the most amazing fans we could ever ask or hope for. #GSWIN

HUGE thank you to our sponsors Mobcrush and GOCUBES - we wouldn't be here without them, literally! Please, please click those links and download the Mobcrush app if you want to watch the best Vainglory action, or buy some nootropics to enhance your day. We only partner with the best companies, the ones we can stand behind. 

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