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GankStars Welcomes Owens and BFDMMEXI as Co-Owners

We're stoked to welcome our long-time members BFDMMEXI and Owens as co-owners of GankStars eSports!

Mexi stuck with us for over a year, through thick and thin, and has been taking on additional responsibilities lately such as recruitment of new members in North America. He is well-known in the community as a mature, solid player with deep insights on game balance and someone fun to play & work with. This is a natural progression for him and we're excited to see him expand his role in the coming months. Follow him on Twitter @BFDM_MEXI_vg.

Owens needs no introduction - one of the best analysts in Vainglory, a successful entrepreneur in 'real life' and a best-selling author. He's recruited the two original GankStars analysts and helped us find a sponsor. Within an hour of being offered co-ownership, Owens wrote a 2-page proposal on next steps - the guy is a beast. We cannot wait to see him put his immense mind to the task and the fruits it will bring. Follow him on Twitter @owens_vg.

The additions to GankStars ownership team will help us build the infrastructure that sets us up for success in the coming seasons. Welcome, guys!

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