Gankstars Welcome New PUBG Mobile Team

It is our pleasure and honor to welcome this all-female team of superstars to Gankstars. Marisa, paige, Diosa, rhea, and Galaxy are some of the best players out there and they have great personalities to boot.

Some of them are still setting up their streams, so please follow the new Gankstars on Twitter to be notified when they start streaming. Here are their links and some fun facts:

Galaxy, paige, and Marisa have just won Season 3 of Wicked Gaming’s Rose League a few days ago.

PUBG Mobile is one of the best titles on mobile right now and has been for awhile, so we’re very excited to once again field a roster in the game. An esports organization is all about its people, and while I’ve only just recently met Marisa, paige, Galaxy, rhea, and Diosa, it’s easy to tell that they will make Gankstars a better place to be. We hope our community rallies to watch and support them in return. Special thank you to our GM Judgement and team manager Ammo for doing all the work in the background needed to make this happen.
— Alex "PwntByUkrainian" Novosad, CEO

Please join our official discord for further news regarding the team!