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FooJee to Depart GankStars

Just over one year ago, on August 1st, 2015 we welcomed FooJee to GankStars. What a whirlwind year it had been! We saw many ups and downs, shared many experiences. FooJee helped quite a bit with documentation and organization of business, led and played on multiple teams, and was of course a high-profile streamer for GS. He placed top 3 in three major competitions: as captain of GankStars Vega in Fall 2015 Live Finals, and as player on GankStars Sirius in Winter 2016 Live Championships and in VIPL Season 3. Only a handful of Vainglory players have been able to accomplish this much.

FooJee has many talents; we have no doubt that FooJee will succeed in his next endeavor. Whatever it is, everyone at GankStars wishes him the best of luck and he has our full support. Thank you for being a star, Ben. Thank you for being a GankStar. And on behalf of all our fans - thank you for that glorious beard.

If you are not already, be sure to follow FooJee on Twitter (@thefoojee)

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