Gankstars Ban Player for Hacking

Having a clear zero-tolerance policy on hacking, as well as frequent conversations with our players on the issue, allowed us to avoid having a hacker amidst our ranks for a very long time. Nevertheless, it is impossible to control each player's environment when they play in online-only tournaments. The best we can do in a situation when a player decides to violate terms of service of the game as well as their contract with Gankstars is to cooperate with the game publisher and tournament organizers by providing them with whatever information they need to enforce a proper penalty.

Sadly, late last night we found out that Elite, a member of our Critical Ops team, has hacked in at least one tournament in the past. We have removed Elite from the team and hope he learns from his mistake and never hacks in the future. In all other aspects, Elite was a great member of the team and it is sad that his Critical Ops career has to end on such a somber note. 

Gankstars, tell your friends to never hack. Without hard work, achieving something like a tournament win will just feel empty anyway - it's simply not worth it.