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BFF (Biggest Fan Forever) Contest

In celebration of our spectacular performance in Vainglory's Autumn Season, where we finished 1st in both North America and Europe which secured our presence at Worlds, we are running a creativity contest with a twist: those of you that do not participate can still donate to increase the prizes. 100% of donations will go towards prizes.


Are you GankStars' BFF? Show off your talents by creating a drawing, song, video, story or even a poem about GS at Vainglory World Championship 2016. We celebrate that both Sirius and Cerberus teams are participating, as no organization will ever be able to send two teams again. You can just focus on your favorite team, player, or any other aspect of GankStars as it relates to the upcoming Worlds event. Submissions will be judged based on their level of creativity, effort, cleverness, etc. Your work can be funny, stunning, touching, or anything that will make people think, "Oh, wow, this is great".


  • Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, if you're not already. (Following us on Snapchat won't count, but if you want to see our updates during Worlds, definitely follow us there too - @vggankstars)
  • Tweet about this contest (you can retweet our original tweet)
  • Share your work on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram using #GSBFF. If you prefer privacy, email your submission to with the subject line "BFF Contest" as well as a link to your social media profile.


In addition to the baseline prizes listed below, this contest is crowd-sourced! We will turn donations into the equivalent amount of ICE (purchased based on USA pricing) and distribute it proportionally to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-place winners. 

Baseline (guaranteed) prizes:

  • First Place: 2500 ICE
  • Second Place: 1000 ICE
  • Third Place: 1000 ICE
  • Honorable mentions will be shared on our website and Instagram.

*People who donate MUST include a screenshot of the donation or receipt. Please note to which streamer it was made to with either #GSBFF or in the email.


Submissions must be made by end of Thursday, Dec 1, 11:59pm PT.

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