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GankStars Awarded Vainglory Franchise

What an honor!

We have a long, rich history within Vainglory. It's our home, our launchpad, our stomping grounds. We've been competitive in the game before a competitive scene even existed, and we have attended a seasonal championship every single season so far. Nevertheless, we did not expect to win a franchise bid based on history alone; a franchise is a privilege, not a right.

This is why we are very humbled, honored, and excited to be on the list of organizations trusted with such a title. Thank you, Super Evil Megacorp! And thank YOU, the fans who have vouched for us so passionately since the beginning. You rock!! 

We will continue working as hard as we can to help grow the Vainglory scene. We're excited to soon announce a partnership with a production studio in Los Angeles that will help us produce high-quality content about the Vainglory team. We're making the necessary changes to ensure a reliable production schedule for GankStars Academy (third time is the charm?). Finally, we're working on some truly new, large-impact initiatives that we hope to announce soon.

We have also grown quickly in the recent months. To all our new fans who may be asking, "Who are GankStars?", we hope you enjoy this short new video: 

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