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GankStars Welcome Their First Coach, Darrell "BLG3RNT" Lee

Go ahead, name one sports team that doesn't have at least one coach. Okay, how about one athlete without a coach? You'd be hard-pressed to even find a single successful entrepreneur who doesn't have a mentor. Once somethings gets tough enough, a coach is not an option; it's a necessary weapon in one's arsenal.

Until Split 2 of the Spring 2017 season, the majority of the coaching was done by IraqiZorro. As one of the most experienced and mature Vainglory players, Iraqi's understanding of the game is arguably some of the best in the world. Throughout the week, he would prepare draft, fill out game-tracking sheets, schedule scrims and VOD reviews, task analysts, and handle player development on top of everything else a team captain has to worry about, such as individual practice, in-game strategy and shot-calling, build and meta-game research, etc. Phew! Just typing this list was exhausting.

It was time to get him some help. Soon after Split 2 started, we began Darrell's trial for the coach position. But it wasn't until the last week of the regular season that we let the new coach make all of our draft decisions. The players communicated their draft preferences, of course, but the final responsibility laid on Darrell's shoulders. This allowed IraqiZorro to have a few less things to worry about and just focus on his gameplay. We couldn't beat Cloud9 this past weekend; however, we took one game off them and dominated Tribe Gaming. The team showed signs of rejuvenation. 

The real test, of course, awaits us in London in two weeks. GankStars will be flying Darrell to join Iraqi, XenoTek, R3cKeD, and Xelciar at the Spring Unified Championship later this month. Do you think this move will work out for us? Grab your tickets and come tell us your thoughts at the 02 stadium. See you May 19th! 


GS Valentines Day Stream

Presenting the Love Panel! Come hear good, bad, and hilarious advice by three relationship 'experts' - Nightwalker (SEMC Dev), PwntByUkrainian (GankStars' CEO), and Xenotek (GankStars' Jungler). Plus - Giveaways, Vainglory BR's + Blitz Mode, and then some C-Ops! 

Sunday, Feb 12, starting at 6 PM PT - only on Mobcrush

Love Panel

Want to know how to approach that special someone? Or perhaps you're in a pickle and need advice? Fear not, our love 'experts' will instill unheard-of confidence in you and tell you everything* you need to know about love & relationships. 

Crush Connection

Give a non-anonymous shout out to your mega-crush in front of everyone in stream chat, and if they shout back at you - you both will be in the running for a chance to win GankStars swag! Hopefully, weeks later, she'll text; "I'm wearing that GS shirt you helped me win... thinking of you." AWWW!


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Have a funny or cute love story that you'd like to share? DM us on Twitter or email it to (keep it brief!). If we share your story during the stream, you'll receive a GankStars t-shirt for you and your boo! 

In addition, we will be giving away six GS t-shirts, Vainglory ICE and Critical Ops cases! Visit our gleam giveaway for rules and to increase your chances of winning. 


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