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You're Invited to Our 2nd Anniversary Stream!

In honor of our 2-year anniversary, we'll be playing friendly BR's and a few rounds of C- Ops this Sunday, Jan 8, at 6 PM PT. Let's get together and have some fun this weekend! Only on Mobcrush!

Truly an honor to have Tartilooolo make this for us - thank you!


Just come to stream channel at 6pm Pacific Time, Sunday, Jan 8th and join our public discord ( Note that only people we know and GS members will be able to voice in the channel which will be outputting to the stream! 

ICE, Cases, and Merch Giveaways!

We're giving away one GankStars t-shirt for every 100 new followers and one GankStars hoodie for every 200! New followers are those that follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram between now (4pm PT Jan 5th) and 2 hours before the stream starts at 6pm PT, Jan 8th. A maximum of 6 t-shirts and 4 hoodies will be given away. If you are a current Twitter follower you can also participate and win! Visit our Gleam Giveaway for more details and to increase your chances of winning GankStars merch. The Gleam Giveaway event begins tonight, Thursday, Jan 5, and ends on Sunday, Jan 8 at 6 PM PT. All winners will be announced during the stream. We will also give away Vainglory ICE and Critical Ops cases during the stream so don't miss it! 

Help Us Support Art!!

We're very thankful to Tartilooolo for the art piece above. Vainglory always had a niche art community that produced amazing work. We have big plans for 2017, and part of them is to support the artists. Between now and end of Sunday, we're accepting donations on our page towards that goal (use the little gift button). 100% of all donations made during the 2nd Anniversary Stream or even when we're offline this week, will go towards supporting artists such as Tartilooolo and various unbranded, community-owned projects that we'll be helping create this year. 


  • Follow GankStars on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram to be eligible
  • Only accounts with profile pictures are eligible (no eggs, etc.)
  • There will be no prize swapping. Vainglory ICE will be given during the VG portion of the stream. C-Ops cases will be given during the C-Ops portion of the stream.

This stream wouldn't be made possible if it weren't for our sponsors Mobcrush and GO CUBES. Thanks to our GSFam for supporting all of our changes & growth throughout the years. #GSFAMOP!

Congratulations to our winners below!

Thanks to all the GSFAM who stopped by for a quick hello. Shout outs to Nivmett, Uyendee, Foojee, Joker, & Puppy Leader. Also, Special thanks to The Seekers for hosting.  We were able to get over 300 new followers across our Social Media Platforms and have given away 3 GankStars t-shirts and hoodie. 

Winners of our Mobcrush stream ICE and cases giveaway are:

  • 250 ICE: Flamedrake & Bigmansteel
  • 3 cases: HCPSTANCM1 & Chaoticdew

Please reach out to us on Twitter via DM or by email at if you have any questions.

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