Goodbye Paladins (For Now)

There are a lot of famous quotes about parting ways with people and things that you love, from Shakespeare all the way up to fancy Hallmark cards you can buy in any old shop. But one of our personal favourites is by A. A. Milne, who wrote, in his famous Winnie-the-Pooh series: “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

With this in mind, we at team Gankstars have our own, difficult adieu to announce as we take a fork in the road away from the world of Paladins esports with heavy hearts. It’s been an amazing journey to take together, but now we need to tread a new path and sadly we have to bid the game a fond farewell in order to do so.

To all those teams and players still duking it out in ranked for a shot at being the best , we’re sad that we won’t be joining you but we’ll definitely be cheering you on. Paladins has meant so much to us and it’s impossible to disconnect from something so beloved. Our teams have been to more Paladins LANs than any other organization; it will be a new chapter for the scene (as well as ourselves) to no longer see the Gankstars logo on stage.

We would like to thank Hi-Rez Studios for crafting the stunning world of the Magistrate for us to adventure in, and wish them all the future success that they deserve in Paladins. The development team have truly put their heart and soul into these works and it shows - the passion for Paladins runs deep and we know that they will leap from strength to strength as time goes by. Who knows? Perhaps one day we will return, better than ever and ready to shoot for the stars.

But what about our gifted players? Just because they are no longer representing us in Paladins doesn’t mean that we’re severing ties. We are looking forward to hearing all about their future conquests, so if you want to follow along for what promises to be an exciting new ride, please make sure to join our guys on Twitter for a front row seat over at:

And of course, if you’re a Paladins fan but you don’t want to part ways with Gankstars, please jump into our public discord server to keep up with our current news and to enjoy our welcoming, knowledgeable community.

We hope you’ll stick with us, no matter where we roam. We’re psyched to have the absolute best fans, and we’ll have more great news coming your way shortly! #GSWIN