Islands of Nyne Roster

As the battle royale genre continues to grow, more developers are releasing their take on the newest craze in the esports space. Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale (or just ‘IoN’) is one such title in the genre, developed by a Kickstarter-funded independent game studio Define Human Studios. The game has been in development since 2015 and will hit Steam Early Access soon.

Define Human Studios decided to test the esports-worthiness of the title right away. The upcoming Islands of Nyne Spring Invitational event will feature over 20 teams over the course of three hours; it begins on May 12 at 2pm EST.

As big fans of Battle Royale genre, we wanted to be a part of this event. Please join us in welcoming to the GS fam our roster for the event:


Gina “Seas” (Captain/In-Game Leader)

The 21 year old Rochester, NY native began her battle royale career in amateur scrims in H1Z1 before running and competing in community tournaments for Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale. She likes the game’s fast pace and the loading lobby that lets you practice your aim. Her favorite part of the map is Castle and her favorite weapon is the MK-18. She’s a huge Star Wars fan (May the Fourth be with you) and streams multiple days a week over at You can also follow her on Twitter at


Kevin “Woes” Schult (Slayer)

Woes’ background in competitive CS:GO on LAN and in ESEA will certainly serve him well in IoN: BR. He is a 22-year-old from Manitoba, Canada and enjoys camping (not in the gaming context, but with real trees and bugs). His favorite part of the IoN: BR map is Harbor because a lot of people drop there and it’s a good place to get kills early in the match. His tip for new players is to use the Training mode to find proper sensitivity settings and learn the basics of the game. @GS_Woes is the place to follow him on Twitter and you can catch him streaming over at


Bryce “Alaskan” Leighton (Support)

This may come as a shock to you, but Alaskan is in fact from Alaska. He’s 20 years old and enjoys disc golf and shooting when he’s not at the keyboard. That being said, Alaskan has had plenty of success in esports while at said keyboard, including finishing Top 25 in solos in Phase 16 Weeks 1 and 2 in IoN: BR and qualifying for the H1Z1 Pro League. He suggests that new players of IoN: BR shouldn’t be afraid to die and should take all the fights they can in order to improve. Alaskan can be found at @AlaskanBased on both Twitter and Twitch.


Mitchell “Carey” Carey (Manager/Sub)

Our H1Z1 Community Manager, Carey, has taken the reigns of our IoN: BR lineup as their manager and substitute. He is 22 years old, from Manchester, UK, and is a quality assurance tester for the game. In addition to his work in quality assurance, he has organised over 30 hackathons around Europe, from the UK to Ukraine. He says that IoN: BR’s smooth motion and pure gun skill-reliant gameplay make it unique in the genre. He can be found on Twitter at (before you ask, it’s six underscores).


To keep up with the team and the scene as a whole, follow both @gankstars and @IslandsOfNyne on Twitter. We hope you’re ready to watch us get a #GSWIN on May 12!