We Partner with Twitch


We have grown so much over the years: from one team - to seven, from one game - to six. Mobile games are our stomping grounds. At the same time, we have successfully ventured onto PC and consoles and began to look for a streaming platform that could support our growing needs. 

We're excited to announce that, starting October 1, you can only find our professional players on Twitch! Without a doubt, Twitch has the most features and the widest audience right now; it is a perfect fit for organizations with teams on multiple platforms. Plus, purple goes well with black and gold! (Disagree? Watch the movie Kick-Ass.) 

Speaking of kick-ass - we're now building a best-in-class Twitch stream team. As usual, we have a unique spin on the idea and aren't interested in making a cookie-cutter stream team. If you are an amazing streamer with growth numbers to back it up, and want to be on an organized team whose #1 objective is to grow your brand, please reach out to our stream team lead Remix and schedule a chat.

Mobcrush - Thank You <3

"It was Autumn 2015, and I had just received confirmation from Mobcrush that they would sponsor us," recalls our CEO PwntByUkrainian. "I am quite certain I nearly cried that day. We were a new org and Mobcrush was our first major sponsor; and, I was in love with their idea of making mobile game streaming effortless. Mobcrush delivered on that promise."

Mobcrush had been nothing short of amazing partners and we are forever, deeply grateful for their support over the years. We can only hope that we made a similar impression on them.

Mobcrush - thank you for everything. 

Twitch Events

Stay tuned on our Twitter and Facebook for stream marathons, casual game nights, and various other events coming up, now on Twitch!