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WANTED: Mandarin- and Korean-Speaking Galaxy Members!

If you speak Mandarin or Korean, and would like to do one or more of the following: 

  • translate script like this one to Mandarin or Korean (translator)
  • read a script written in Mandarin or Korean to record your voice that will be used in video (voiceover artist)
  • put together clips and Mandarin or Korean voiceover to create GS Academy videos (video editor)

Please e-mail us at with qualifications (if translator), video samples (if video editor), or audio sample(s) (if voiceover artist). If you're in NA or EU, you can also apply to the guild here (but being a part of GankStars guild is optional, we have separate chat channels setup for Academy).

We're launching Russian translations tomorrow and would love to make the videos accessible to Vainglorians in China and Korea as well.

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