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All aboard! Recruitment policy change :)

Hi everyone, 

For many months we've been only recruiting people who want to do community and GS projects or are competitive players. We really wanted to focus on competing and giving back to the community. That worked fine, but we also had a lot of inactivity since many people who can do projects are also people with jobs, families, or other commitments. And who doesn't want a level 90+ guild?

Starting today, we're recruiting everyone who is awesome! Yes, we'll err on the side of people with cool hobbies and hopefully some time to contribute to the community - be it by volunteering at SEMC events or by contributing to projects such as GankStars Academy. And, you really don't have to do it. If you have a great personality, maturity (this means not being an a-hole as opposed to not having a sense of humor), and always show good sportsmanship - please apply!

See you in the guild chat.

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