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Vega Roster Finalized; GankStars Expands to EU!

We finished recruiting for team Vega and are dipping our toes in EU region this Spring Season. Most teams' rosters have changed for Spring - it's one of the most active seasons we have seen to date. 

Let's welcome Chicken123 and BestChuckNA to GankStars Vega!

Koedz - lane & team captain

Chicken123 - jungle

BestChuckNA - support

zhyno - jungle sub

Last season, we wanted to import a player from EU to NA, but decided to wait. While we are open to doing that for the Summer season, this Spring we'll instead start a team in EU. That team is called GankStars Cerberus and consists of:

TetnoJJ - lane & team captain

L3oN - jungle

Emirking - support

AeOn - jungle sub 

The whole EU team was Vainglorious only a few days after 1.16 patch landed, and had the two first VG Silvers in EU (Emirking, L3oN). They're a great team when they work together, and we hope to see them in Spring Championships. 

We expect most of these guys to be streaming on Mobcrush soon! 

PS: As we announced earlier, Team Sirius gains R3cKeD and the roster for Spring is: IraqiZorro, FooJee, R3cKeD.

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