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GO CUBES enter eSports via GankStars

What do gamers need? Energy. A focused mind. And to come to practices ready to kick ass. 

GO CUBES is a product designed to do just that - it is chewable coffee with all-natural nootropics. It doesn't stain your teeth like coffee does. It doesn't contain weird chemicals. And it's easy to bring with you anywhere you go.

But it's not just caffeine. GO CUBES contain L-Theanine, an amino acid found in green tea. This special combination reduces the negative jittery effects of caffeine and actually improves attention, reaction time, and focus beyond just caffeine alone. This has been studied in academic research labs - read about the data and research here.

When Geoffrey Woo (CEO of Nootrobox) spoke with us, it was a natural fit. For Nootrobox, the makers of GO CUBES, it's an opportunity to explore the eSports market. For us it's a chance to work with a product that we think many people will enjoy, a product as familiar as coffee but improved and reinvented. Many of us at GankStars are coffee or tea aficionados who have been consuming caffeine in its various forms for years. GO CUBES give us a new way of doing it, a way that's easier and less expensive. 

GankStars eSports has always been honest with its fans. We hope this product catches on. We hope Nootrobox finds this exploration successful and goes on to sponsor other teams in the space. We hope the whole community benefits from GO CUBES. The stronger Vainglory and eSports are as a whole, the better off all of us are.

Cheers to GO CUBES! If you'd like to try the product, use this link (shipping is free):

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