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We're happy to announce our partnership with - a tool for fans to support their eSports teams and gaming communities. The web site works similarly to KickStarter: you donate an amount in exchange for a reward, and reaching various levels of donations brings other benefits. 

We won't be starting a donation page for our competitive side; however, GankStars Galaxy is a volunteer-only program and if you can't join as a member but would like to support it somehow, this is how you can do it! The rewards are pretty nice value (better than retail), and the stretch goals are even better:

- A video of PwntByUkrainian dancing at $500 total collected (plus a new competitive GS montage!)

- A video of FooJee on how to shampoo, oil and generally take care of beards (while wearing a tank top) at $1000

- GS Academy team will do an AMA on reddit, code name of the next Galaxy project will be revealed, and IraqiZorro will put on a Karaoke performance in a public Discord channel for 15 minutes at $2000.

You get swag, it's fun, and we get the cash to buy video editing tools, send some iTunes gift cards to our volunteers, and further improve the quality and frequency of our production!

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