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Database Expert and Data Visualization Designer

Are you a designer or technologist who likes theorycrafting/strategy and wants to make a name for yourself in eSports? If so, we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you.

We’re ready to grow our awesome analysts team and would like to bring on two new specialists to enhance our capabilities and execute a special project. Our team currently has one lead and two senior analysts, plus one resident pro player. The two new roles will bring us closer to our goal of creating the best analysts team in the world.

The first role is for a Database Expert who will help us create algorithms and software to find the best strategies more quickly. The lead analyst (Owens) has over ten years of experience designing, building, and managing software.

The second role is a Data Visualization Designer who will take analysts’ work and make it easy to understand for our players and fans. This includes coming up with original ideas for explaining information visually but encompasses everything related to how human beings best learn and take in new information.

See work from our Analysts Team:
Work by Owens (Lead Analyst):
Work by Vyzeox (Senior Analyst):
Work by Wavernot (Senior Analyst):

Technology Architect / Database Expert

Help GS analysts determine the best strategies through advanced algorithms and database queries. Help design the database for a special project that will have high impact on Vainglory. 

Data Visualization Designer

Help the GS analysts communicate their research more simply, in a way that helps our players and fans learn faster and more easily.

Both Roles Require

  • Passion for eSports and Vainglory
  • Hotness or above skill tier
  • High level of maturity and professionalism
  • At least 10 hours per week (ie. nights and weekends)
  • Being accepted as full member of GankStars. If you’re a good fit for this role, you’ll skip the line for consideration, but you must still be a good cultural fit for the org


Work with top eSports players and analysts, help them take the game to a new level
Turn ideas into strategies that could win world championships
Make a name for yourself as one of the best minds in the eSports world
Work with our proprietary data tools
Potential to become a paid staff member of GankStars (as the organization grows)

Day to Day

You will interact with our team through Line, Discord, and text/e-mail
You will get assignments from and report to the analysts Team Lead
You will work directly with our analysts, Wavernot & Vyzeox
You will interact with our competitive players on GankStars Sirius, Vega, and Polaris

How to Apply

Choose one of the more complicated analyses from any of the analysts’ blogs.

  • For the Database Expert role, explain in up to 5 pages how you would solve the same analysis through advanced algorithms or database queries. 
  • For the Data Viz Designer role, create graphics to help competitive players understand the conclusions faster and more easily.

Send your work to @Owens_VG on twitter or by email to

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