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gabevizzle to depart GankStars

We have a slew of exciting announcements coming up... however, today we have sad news to convey: gabevizzle has decided to leave Sirius to seek a position on another team, to try something new. He says he doesn't have specific plans yet and is open to offers. 

gabevizzle was part of the team that landed a top 3 spot in every competition they entered, including becoming first world champions. He is a great player, a great teammate, and a great guildie. Or as we put it in GankStars - he's fam. 

We can write thousands of words about gabevizzle's history with GankStars... or we can just point to our Awards page - he took part in bringing home many of those. Best of luck to you, kind sir - go crush it out there! And when you make it huge, don't forget us little people. 

Stand by for our announcement of new Spring season rosters soon!

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