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GankStars Sirius shares 3rd place with Nemesis at North American Championships!

Congratulations to IraqiZorro, FooJee, and gabevizzle on securing a top 3 spot once again, a spot we share with Nemesis Hydra. 1st place felt within grasp due to the back-and-forth nature of games 2 and 3 against Team SoloMid; alas, TSM prevailed in the end. GGWP FlashX, CullTheMeek, and MICSHE. 

We’re quite proud of Sirius’ performance - each member has shown the ability to adapt and change their playstyle to account for the roster change (CullTheMeek left mid-season to join TSM). There’s more work to do, but the pace of change is fantastic. They played incredibly well against both Vertigo Black and Nemesis Hydra, including a perfect game with 0 deaths and no turrets lost. With IraqiZorro being able to enter the US shortly to spend face-to-face time with gabevizzle and FooJee, we’re excited for Spring and Summer seasons. 

While being amongst the top 3 is a cause for celebration, we know we can do better. We have some exciting announcements to make soon about how the teams will train going forward, as well as about who will be on those teams. 

Last but not least, we’d like to congratulate Halcyon Hammers’ Velocity on taking the 2nd place! They are one hell of a team with a bright future. 

Thank you Mobcrush for supporting our dreams - Mobcrush is where we exclusively stream. And thank you GO CUBES for helping us push harder.

We had many GankStars members come out to the Red Bull arena in Santa Monica this past weekend. Thanks to all who volunteered! The group picture lacks a few people, but it's the best one we took. From left to right: beerad, Xelciar, PwntByUkrainian, Hoboni, FooJee (kneeling), Godseye, Lumonis (kneeling), Magikarp, 6Oracle9, gabevizzle, -RumblyVG-, Bentimm1, Owens, Vyzeox.

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