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CullTheMeek Departs GS, Replacement Announced


It's not that long ago that chino, Lola420, and Iraqi stumbled upon "gabevizzle" and his friend "CullTheMeek" in queue and asked them to play some games. Xelciar, now also a member of GankStars, encouraged the couple to apply. "Do they use voice communication?" PwntByUkrainian & Iraqi asked. "They don't; they work well together without it." "Interesting."

It's not that long ago that CullTheMeek, gabevizzle, and IraqiZorro won $100 for 1st place in June's VGL and secured their first ticket to Korea. "These guys seem really sirius about this..." people were heard saying.

It's not that long ago that Cull busted out his Glaive at Vainglory World Invitations and stunned the world with crazy outplays, showing the true limits of the hero. News and clips of a nimble kid who plays with an iPad on his knee were shared over and over on Twitter. 

And it seems like just yesterday that Cull made flashy plays again in VIPL Season 1 and helped his team achieve that 1st spot so many dream about. The stakes were high with $35,000 on the table. Humble, approachable, successful - Cull always felt relatable. 

And today... today Cull is leaving his team Sirius to try new opportunities. It was a hard decision, a decision that was deliberated upon until the very last minute. He's leaving his best VG friends behind to try something new. He's leaving the most-achieved roster in Vainglory at this time without knowing for a fact how the new adventure will pan out. It's a brave step and, above all, it's what a healthy eSport should look like. On the social side, Cull will remain with the guild where he has his online family; however, all of his future achievements are related to team Alliance and not GankStars.

We absolutely support Cull in his decision. For months we've been working on chipping away at organizational transparency in the industry, from player salaries to contracts, all for one reason: to benefit the player. It's not possible to have a strong company without happy employees, nor a strong country without happy citizens. Similarly, we believe a strong eSports industry is not possible without happy players, and part of that happiness comes from the basic human desire to have choice. Freedom of choice is vital; the freedom to try new things, to move around, and even to come back again. 

Goodbye, CullTheMeek and good luck! We hope we've helped you grow as much as you've helped us. You will be missed.

Roster Changes


And now to the question everyone wants to know the answer to: who will replace Cull? Those are some large shoes to fill, no doubt. And we've tested out many candidates - both in NA and EU. Some of those we may invite to grow with us and be a starter later, so the search was certainly productive for us; others we'll keep in touch with until they're more prepared. If you applied and spent time playing with Iraqi and gabe - thank you for your time!

Alas, we think the best answer was to ask a member we already had in-house, someone who wears shoes just as big and worn them for just as long. Someone who could bring something new to the team, who can perhaps even up the ante a bit. 

And thus the captain of team Vega will be moving to the jungler position on team Sirius. Yes, the replacement for CullTheMeek is none other than FooJee himself! 

This news will make some people scream in excitement and others frown in doubt. It's exciting because FooJee has played with gabe and Iraqi once before as part of Kollab team in the first official Vainglory tournament, the European ESL. They did very well for a team that had to play with constant lag, placing 3rd overall. And ever since then Iraqi and FooJee were left to wonder - what could be possible if they ever played together again? 


At the same time, FooJee joining Sirius creates questions: what happens to Vega? R3cKeD will be moving up to team captain position and will be Vega's shot-caller, while Koedz will be moving from Polaris to Vega to replace FooJee.

We're also happy to announce that zhyno will be joining GankStars as a sub on team Vega. zhyno is a diamond in the rough and not very known in North America yet. We're hoping to help him unlock his potential this season and see if he can start on a team in Spring. 


And as far as Polaris, Magikarp will be stepping up to a starter support, with Hoboni and Xelciar playing in lane and jungle. Now that Vega has a sub, PwntByUkrainian will move to Polaris to play the role of an emergency sub (won't play unless a starter cannot show up).

The Opportunity

FooJee, IraqiZorro, and gabevizzle are very determined to be the best in Vainglory. They wake up on time, come to practices prepared, love to strategize and experiment, and have the attention to detail like one would expect from true craftsmen. In theory, this trio can be an amazing team together. 

There are a few rough edges to polish... Both FooJee and IraqiZorro are shot-callers, so working out that dynamic is something new for both to learn. They're both cerebral players, and some of the Sirius strategies will have to be adopted to that. 

All in all, however, we're very excited about the future of team Sirius. We're also excited to see how Koedz, Oldskool, and R3cKeD work out and grow together. Finally, Polaris had a good showing in the previous qualifier and we can't wait to see what Magikarp brings to the table; we hear her mine game is OP.

As always, big thanks to all who support us - from own GS family members, to our extraordinary sponsor Mobcrush, to our fans with their amazing fan art & messages. 

It seems everyone has big shoes to fill this season, and we're confident in our members' ability to step up. Onward!

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