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GS Sirius Wins 1st in Winter '16 Qualifier #1

After being away from NA competitive scene for 6 months, team Sirius was finally able to participate in its first NA VGL since June. They showed all they learned by going undefeated (no games lost).

IraqiZorro, CullTheMeek, and gabevizzle unfortunately had to defeat their sister team Vega to get to the finals. There, they fought against Alliance, the same team that defeated them in VIPL. Many saw this as a dream bracket and wanted to see a rematch of two worthy opponents. Sirius won in a 3-0 sweep.

GGWP, Alliance and huge congratulations to Sirius for taking 1st place in Qualifier #1 in 2016 Winter VGL. More info about the game can be found in Vainglory official news post.

We wouldn't be able to make this our full-time jobs without our amazing sponsor @Mobcrush - from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Mobcrush is an amazing team with a great roadmap of what a streaming service should look like. Easy to use, and already with most top Vainglory players using them to stream, we believe Mobcrush is the future of mobile streaming. On top of that they help out the community in many ways - events, giveaways, meetups. If you want to see Iraqi, gabevizzle, Cull, FooJee and other top GS players stream - download Mobcrush beta app (or use web browser).

Adios, until VGL Qualifier #2!

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