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CullTheMeek Leaves, GS Sirius Hiring

CullTheMeek has decided to depart Sirius and join Alliance after VGL Qualifier 1 which ends on Jan 31, 2016.

It's been a very successful career for Cull here at GankStars; his team won both VIPL & VGL and is so far the only team in the world to take three Top 3 world titles (VWI, VIPL S1, VIPL S2). Along with IraqiZorro and gabevizzle, he helped Sirius become one of Vainglory's top household names. He is a great person and an excellent player; we wish him nothing but success on his new path. 

And with that, Sirius is now looking for a replacement jungler to play with them in qualifier 2 of Winter VGL and beyond. While high individual skill is a pre-requisite, a big portion of Sirius' success comes from team strategies and synergy. If you are wonderfully-skilled mechanically, serious about competitive Vainglory, and want to play & train with an experienced, world-class team - please apply here ASAP.

We offer

- very player-friendly contracts & Vainglory-leading compensation (up to $3500/quarter)

- travel allowances (for food and other expenses)

- only 15% of winnings go to GS for admin and other expenses; players keep 85%

- 3 analysts total, with a dedicated analyst for your team (real analyst who provides charts, numbers, spreadsheets, experiments, post-game analysis, papers on enemy teams, etc.). These guys put in a serious amount of work.

- a community of members to support you administratively and morally

- mature, experienced leadership with a long-term vision to help you make this your career

We expect

- located in NA and have a stable Internet connection (we can help with the latter)

- have excellent communication skills

- take this seriously and prioritize practices/team over streaming, playing other games, etc.

- a fast learner with a healthy dose of humility (everyone has room to grow)

- able to travel (we'll be happy to converse with parents about Vainglory and eSports as needed)

We exercise utmost discretion with the applications; only FooJee, IraqiZorro, and PwntByUkrainian have access to them, and names of who applied aren't shared with anyone until initial screens are passed and the person who applied is ready to go public with it. If you do not make it through the interviews, the fact that you applied is not revealed to anyone. 

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