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The 1st Year

One year ago, a Line chat was created by a few newly-made friends. The chat was used to ask, “Anyone down for a game?” The “friends” were barely even friends yet - they recently met online in a different Line chat; they ended up there after seeing a post on the official Vainglory forums. The new friends decided that playing together was more fun and can yield better tier progression. The called this chat GankStars. 

People came and left. And came back again. Amid the flux of hyperspace travel-like evolution of Vainglory, the outer edges of GankStars were at times chaotic. But the core remained stable, attracting old and new players alike. We call ourselves family not just because we feel unity in the moment of victory; we’re a family because we can apologize and mend wounds whenever the rollercoaster tracks dip low. 

Oh what a year it had been! Together with many others we have helped shape Vainglory mechanics & the competitive scene, traveled to and won in Korea, organized as a legal entity, landed the first major sponsorship in Vainglory, led the way on transparency in player payments (and seems new orgs agree with us), drafted some of the most pro-player contracts in the industry (and offered them to other teams), helped a number of teams get organized and improve their game, appeared in Red Bull, New York Times, and Fortune, and helped our players carve out good, sustainable incomes despite being in a game that’s still in its infancy. We’re a humble bunch, but as we look back on 2015, we’re proud. 

We may have given birth to a legacy, but we’re not yet legendary. 2016 is our chance. 2016 is the year of heroes, the year of movers & shakers, the year of creators. We have done well building stars like Sirius, Vega, and Bellatrix; in 2016, we want to build a galaxy. If you’re bright & skilled like us and want to make this year legendary, join GankStars Galaxy. We can barely contain our excitement.

Of course, GankStars wouldn’t be possible without the help of so many… where to even begin? From the amazing folks at SEMC to our incredible sponsor @Mobcrush to our fantastic players, content creators, designers, analyst, managers, and most importantly the greatest fans - thank you so much! “The sum is worth more than its parts” holds true here; together we’re strong.

We will have a short and sweet anniversary stream today, January 1st, on Lady Wabeesh's stream between 7pm and 9pm PST where we'll also announce anniversary contest winners - stop by!

Happy New Year! 

The GankStars Family

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