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Welcome, FooJee! What's Next?

First, wow, we're so excited to have FooJee onboard! A long-time friend, FooJee not only shares our long-term goals and ambitions, but also the ways in which to tackle them. From high sportsmanship to careful investment of time and money, FooJee is a great fit for the guild. 

Question is, what is it that we want to achieve together? The majority of the community had a very positive reaction to today's news, and a few had reservations about one of the strongest NA players and community figureheads joining what already seems like a strong group both in-game and publicity-wise. Valid points; however, perception isn't always reality, and please grab a glass of bourbon and lit a cigar as we reveal our motivations, passions, and long-term goals.

Vainglory is amazing - a terrific game with a perhaps even more stellar community. And, it's very, very young, which means that things change rapidly, the professional competitive scene is just starting to emerge, the communication between teams and players is sporadic, and the discovery of new players is entirely random. All of that is fine and expected at this early stage; for it to change, though, someone has to roll up the sleeves and put in work. Obviously, SEMC and OGN are working overtime on their parts of the task. If we the community want to make things happen even faster, we need to step up even more than we have been. 

FooJee will remain a competitive player, and we'll do what we can to match him with the best-suited team. But that is short-term; long-term, the plans are far more involved. In his own words, "The main reason I joined GankStars was to partner with them in the effort to grow the first major mobile gaming e-Sports organization as well as mobile gaming as an e-Sport in general." The first part has to deal with sponsors, contracts, streams of revenue for our players, and all that other boring stuff. But once we learn how to do all that, we plan on then sharing our experiences with anyone else who wants to do the same - all ships rise when the sea level goes up. This sort of participation in the community is something he wanted for awhile; the decision to join us was actually made before he even knew about our Redbull coverage or Mobcrush sponsorship.

The first thing we'd like to do, then, is to have discussions with leaders of all guilds and/or teams that are interested in the e-Sports aspect of the game. For a professional sport to exist, the players and teams must have good reasons to play, and the reasons must be more than titles. In the beginning those teams and players may need help, too, such as organizational help, industry contacts, etc. For example - every real team will need merchandise. If you already have a designer to help you with that - great. But if you don't - I'm sure we can realize certain amount of savings by giving a lot of work to one person/company. This is but one of many examples of why inter-team communication can help everyone. Together, this is a much easier transition than if everyone duplicates all the work on their own. 

So if you're a team or guild leader and you're on the same page - contact us. This is truly our chance to make history; we stand on a precipice of something great. At GankStars, we're strong believers in meritocracies - now and always, may the best-skilled team win. As such, we have legitimate interest in helping the best teams arise, and no interest in absorbing them. Nor do we want to have many teams - just 2 or 3 that we can pour all of our efforts and resources into. But off the Fold, we have a task ahead of us that is best tackled together with other teams. This is why FooJee joined us, so let's finish our drink, and slowly watch that cigar disappear to ashes as we ponder the beauty of camera angles in World Invitational matches (and why, oh why do we never see Koshka running away from the camera), and then let's get to work. Together.

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