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GankStars + Mobcrush = <3

It's been great seeing other Vainglory teams such as Vertigo get mentions and miscellaneous swag support from companies like Band. And today we add to that with what we believe is the first-ever contractual, cash sponsorship in the history of mobile-exclusive gaming. We're pleased to announce our first official sponsor, Mobcrush!

Mobcrush was created to make mobile streaming easy; in their own words, "Mobcrush is a one-click streaming solution for mobile gamers." Like us, Mobcrush is committed to supporting and growing mobile community of e-Sports. They have been fantastic to work with, and are a team of talented people as today's article on The Verge pointed out.

Their service is still in beta, but they iterate on features fast. As a Vainglory guild that is trying to grow into a professional mobile gaming organization, we're grateful for Mobcrush' support and are looking forward to crushing it... err, growing up together. Stay tuned for an exciting  announcement about a new streamer from GankStars you all have been waiting to see, and who will debut on Mobcrush soon.

(Special thanks to BrizzleMcFizzle of Ardent guild for the introduction)

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