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GankStars Defends NA King of the Hill Title vs Team Legacy

Oldskool, R3cKeD, and PONtheoriginal, also known as Team Legacy, challenged GankStars on last Friday's developer stream in a best of three. (The stream crashed a few times so the games are spread across 4 videos.)

The games were fantastic. Despite several kills on both sides, Team Legacy slowly gained advantage in game one and pushed it to a confident victory. But gabevizzle, IraqiZorro, and CullTheMeek learned from their mistakes. Game two was more even, with the three GankStars slowly gaining advantage and pulling out a win. The final game was a snowball with GankStars securing a 15-0 victory.

Great games and very well played on both sides! Thanks to CullTheMeek, gabevizzle, and IraqiZorro for keeping us Kings of the Hill in North America... for now.

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