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Join the GankStars Analyst Team

Want to make a name for yourself in eSports? Are you a strategist who loves data?

If so, we have the perfect opportunity for you. Join the GankStars Analyst Team and be part of the driving force behind two of the world’s best teams in Vainglory.

Sirius (#1 VIPL) and Vega (#4 NA VGL) are preparing for their biggest tournaments yet and we need your help to crunch the numbers, invent new builds and comps, and push the game’s meta to a whole new level.


- Passion for eSports and Vainglory

- Comfortable using and building Spreadsheets

- Ranked Simply Amazing or higher during Season 0 or 1

- High level of maturity and professionalism

- Must be accepted as full member of GankStars. If you’re a good fit for this role you’ll skip the line for consideration, but must still be a good cultural fit for the organization.


- Work with top eSports players, help them take the game to a new level

- Turn ideas into strategies that could win world championships

- Opportunity to make a name for yourself as one of the top game analysts in eSports

- Work with our proprietary data tools

- Potential to later become a paid staff member of GankStars (as the organization grows)

Day to Day

- You will get assignments from and report to the Analysts Team Lead

- You will gather and analyze competition videos

- You will put numbers to new strategies, giving your recommendation on what players should do


Send a tweet to @Owens_Vg or email us at Be prepared to share your personal background and answer the following questions with numbers:

- Calculate DPS of basic attacks for lvl 9 Fortress with one Sorrowblade and Blazing Salvo.

- Is it better to buy Sorrowblade or Tyrant’s Monocle for Taka lvl 10 with a Serpent’s Mask? Is there a better purchase for the same gold?

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