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GankStars Signs Major Partnership w/ Mobcrush

When a new, great game enters the market, it goes through some definitive steps that signal its growth curve and maturity. The first big community-organized tournament, the first professionally-produced event, the first trophy, and the first major sponsor partnership with a grassroots team. The latter took place recently with a deal between Mobcrush and GankStars. 

To us, the real significance of the deal is in what it means to the Vainglory competitive community. There are many more great teams today than there were three months ago, from new faces like VON, Liberation, and TAS to the comeback of familiar ones like Nemesis, Ardent, and Vertigo. Many more people are getting serious about the game on a professional level; they want to make eSports their career, and Vainglory their game of choice. More than ever, serious-minded players need serious support. This is why Mobcrush’s partnership is so exciting: usually, when one organization recognizes the potential of a game as an eSport, others follow right after. 

If you’d like to watch our celebration stream for this announcement, you can find it here. Thank you so much to all the devs and special friends that showed up or wrote in to support us:

Kristian of SEMC

bluberryz of VGL

MYQ of SK.Gaming

Wine of Invincible Armada

FlashX of Ardent

QUEEN of Hunters


SEMC devs: PlayoffBeard, Kraken, Naj-Treb, Doer, Rootman, TCheezy

Mobcrush devs: Koh, Eliza, Eric, mobcrushteen, SnipedAgain, mommmy, iloveyousomuch


Hooray! So what’s next? Well, we’ve been busy working on a few other things.


From our extensive blog posts to an e-mail list to many of Vainglory's team captains, we think being transparent helps grow the overall scene which in turn helps each of us. We'd like to continue prioritizing that.

When researching the competitive scene ourselves, we had trouble finding any numbers for player payouts. It became clear that one of the issues in eSports as a whole today is the lack of transparency in regards to player compensation.  The industry is young still, but someone has to make the first move. So a few days ago we announced what players signing with GankStars today can expect in terms of winnings split and flat services compensation. We hope this helps the players negotiate as well as encourages other teams to be more transparent.


If you are a team that is any serious about Vainglory, you should have a solid contract. After we chiseled out a solid, well-balanced contract, we negotiated a deal with our eSports lawyer: other Vainglory teams can get a copy at a heavy discount! Bryce Blum is an excellent lawyer who made contracts for some of the world’s top eSports teams and has a mission of providing pro players with a fair representation. Contact us at if you’re interested in a contract and we’ll help negotiate on your behalf. GankStars earns nothing from this; this is just our way of helping out the community.

Web Site

We’ll be doing a two-stage upgrade of our web-site: a quicker one to improve our existing one, and another one later to replace our current site with something to stay for years to come. We think you’ll love it and have a reason to keep coming back! Follow our Twitter (@vggankstars) for updates on that.


We’d like to announce that Trevor Owens will be leading our analyst team. He is an entrepreneur, a software developer, a published author, a person with a strong can-do attitude, and a lover of numbers. In other words - a perfect candidate for this position. 


We have a very limited quantity of 2015 GankStars hats available right now - grab one before they’re gone. Our shirts are good quality and currently available in black and white. But that is just the beginning; we will be expanding our merchandise collection considerably in early 2016. We want to sell products you would not only be proud of wearing, but also be very comfortable wearing. This means we test multiple vendors for every new product before we find one that sells good stuff; it takes longer, but you can be assured your money is well-spent.

Thank You

But really, thank you, the fans. Vainglory just had a 1-year anniversary and what a ride has it been! It’s amazing to find friends whenever we travel, to see all the support on Twitter and in Mobcrush chats. If you see us in person - don’t hesitate to spark a chat.

Here’s to the next chapter - cheers! 


PS: Mobcrush is currently in beta in most areas of the world, but it has been released in New Zealand and Australia. We cannot wait for their official release everywhere else - they have a great group of people running the company.

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