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Baby Steps: Transparency in Player Payouts

GankStars has always been about three things:

  • being a top eSports organization
  • representing player interest and helping the eSports scene in general
  • helping eSports become more mainstream

The last one is a lofty, long-term goal. We hope to make the first dent in it today by becoming more transparent about player payments. We think this will benefit future players as well as parents of players who are trying to form opinions of eSports as a potential career path. Thanks to our success and winnings from VWI, VIPL, and VGL, great sponsors such as Mobcrush, support from private individuals, and other sources of revenue, we are ready to announce how much we are willing to pay for players’ services. 

Payouts: starting today, competitive players that sign new contracts with GankStars can earn up to $3,500 per season in flat pay, separate from their tournament winnings (assuming 3-month seasons). Part of that number are incentives for good performance and publicity, which all of our competitive players currently have; as long as that remains the case - this is the number a player can look forward to. 

Winnings: speaking of tournament winnings, starting today with all newly-signed contracts GankStars will only be taking 15% of the winnings, which means that team members get to split the other 85%. This number may change in the future, both up and down, depending on a number of factors. But it is our sincere hope that we’ll be able to sustain at 15%. 

Side income: currently we also do not take a cut from players’ streaming income; in fact, we may instead reward players for being successful at streaming. We hope this continues to be the case as we grow and even if we face hardships, as any organization may face from time to time.

We are serious about pro-player attitude without being blind to the realities of business. If you’re a top player with great sportsmanship, teamwork, and a humble attitude, please apply - we’re always looking for the best out there.

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