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GankStars + Mobcrush Special Announcement

Dear VG Community, 

Come celebrate with us this Friday, November 20th! We will reveal a special announcement and talk of the past, the present, and the future of GS and VG, all while doing a fun tournament with special guests. The list of special guests is fantastic - QUEEN of Hunters, FlashX of Ardent, bluberryz of VGL, Wine of Invincible Armada, and MYQ of R3D. Plus, possibly a very special surprise guest.

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ll have several Vainglory & Mobcrush devs duke it out alongside GS members in the tournament. Even still, we’ll have another amazing individual joining us that is instrumental to Vainglory, but whom you have probably never seen play before. 

Last but not least, we’ll be giving away GankStars merchandise after every game played! A few of the people asking the best question(s) will also be winners. If you would like to score one of our hats or shirts, come for a chance to win.

We will kick things off with an announcement late on Mobcrush’s official stream around 3:50pm Pacific Time at We’ll then move to IraqiZorro’s stream at where the tournament, guest appearances, and merchandise giveaway will happen between 4 and 6:30pm Pacific Time. 

We are celebrating a big milestone not just in the history of GankStars, but also of Vainglory as it relates to eSports and the game’s competitive future. Nothing makes us happier than seeing the VG community prosper and the competitive scene harden. We hope this event, while made for fun and celebration, inspires other teams and guilds to persist even more, to kick ass yet harder. 



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