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12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!

As the year comes to a close, we will be holding daily trivia contests. Answer correctly and you may win ICE or Cases!

There will be two questions posted at varying times every day to our Twitter account; one related to Vainglory or GankStars, and the other related to Critical Ops. As the month progresses, questions will become more difficult, and rewards will increase.

How to Play

First, follow us on Twitter and share this tweet with your followers to be eligible to play. 

Then simply enter the correct answer for that day's trivia question using #12DaysOfGSmas as part of your response. If you are among the first 5 to answer correctly, you will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win. From the 5 correct answers, a winner will be selected at random. To qualify, your answer must be submitted within 12 hours of each question being posted. The event begins tonight and runs through December 30th.


  • Follow GankStars on Twitter in order to be eligible
  • Also, share this tweet with your followers in order to be eligible
  • You must use Twitter's Quote feature to answer a question (do not reply directly).
  • Your answer must include hashtag #12DaysOfGSmas
  • To give others a chance, a person cannot win more than twice during the 12 days
  • Only accounts with profile pictures are eligible (no eggs)
  • No member of GankStars is eligible to participate
  • Vainglory Trivia is for ICE, C-Ops Trivia is for Cases. No prize swapping :)

Update Jan 07, 2017

We gave away a total of 22,800 ICE and 42 Cases in the spirit of the holiday season! Thank you all for participating. All requests for ICE and cases reward transfers have been entered. Because of the holiday season, it may still be a few more days before your accounts are credited. 

Congratulations to our winners below!

ICE Giveaway to Winners

  • 900 ICE on days 1-3
  • 1500 ICE on days 4-6
  • 2200 ICE on days 7-9
  • 3000 ICE on days 10-12



  1. What is IraqiZorro's Favorite food? McDonald's @Hazzabirchy 
  2. What Hero has the most skins? Celeste @Firehawk10VG
  3. Which Vainglory Hero has a line about a GankStars Player? Blackfeather @MattSoHappy 
  4. What are all the teams where R3cked and OldSkool Played Together? Legacy, Fusion, Legacy Reborn, GankStars Vega, and GankStars Sirius @DragonKin1r7
  5. What was the first skin ever shown on Vainglory? Petal @Scumii_NA
  6. I am strong, I am fearless, I am instinct, I am stolen life. Who am I? Taka @Drax920_VG
  7. What college does Status play Collegiate Starleague for? American River College @SurelyFrosty
  8. It's so cold, I really do miss those summer party days, except that giant shark... What was his name? Dave @El_Bracing
  9. What was Adagio's name during his internal character development? Warren @melssa
  10. How many Vainglory Live Events has IraqiZorro been in so far? 6, VG Invitationals, VIPL 1, VIPL 2, VIPL 3, EU Live Championship, and Vainglory World Championship @Real_Pyrokrine 
  11. Before transitioning to its current name, what was Vainglory known as? Kindred @TorivorVG
  12. When was GankStars established? Jan 1, 2015 & also accepted Dawn of 2015 @andyz116

Cases Giveaway to Winners

  • 2 cases on days 1-3 
  • 3 cases on days 4-6
  • 4 cases on days 7-9
  • 5 cases on days 10-12



  1. What was the name of the map Canals before it was known as Canals?   Amsterdam @sidpvp
  2. What is the current price of the AK47? $2600 @Sypitz_5
  3. What is the most expensive rifle in Critical Ops? The SG @ThatMrPixels
  4. What was the name of the came CFE made before Critical Ops? Critical Strike @UmarGT_
  5. What is the name of Punn's Dog? Ellie @bootwot 
  6. How many rifles are in Critical Ops? 8 - 2 snipers and 6 assault rifles @BlackDragonVG
  7. How many cars are in the map Canals? There are 5 cars @VenkatKolan09 
  8. How many bicycles are in the map Canals? There are 17 @christian211551
  9. What is Joker's favorite fast food chain? Chipotle @clayfax
  10. What are the aircraft registration numbers on the tails of the planes in grounded? N965TW, N80904, and N80301 @alekekipi808 
  11. What color is Vulcan's iPad Cover? Blue @clayfax
  12. What is the map Legacy based off of? Tokyo National Museum @zapphire_arc

Please reach out to us on Twitter via DM if you have any questions. 

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