C-Ops First LAN: Meet the Players


“It’s crazy to even be here... After over 8 years of playing mobile games, I have a chance to go on stage for the first time. I want to prove that hard work and dedication pay off, that I am still the best at Critical Ops.”



I was going to switch to Fortnite, and quit C-OPS. And then I got invited to Gankstars as a starter, and it was a no-brainer. I want to shut all the haters up who have been telling me I can’t make it. I won’t name who, but those clans that kicked me without giving me a chance... I will DESTROY them this weekend.”



“I don’t know where I would be without video games. Where I grew up, people get into a lot of trouble doing reckless things. I feel I owe my life to gaming, and this is a chance to prove that I can make a career out of it. Step 1: win the LAN. Step 2: grow my brand. Step 3: help those who are young and are going through similar tough situations I lived through.”



“I came here to get my name out there. I’m not getting a lot of respect because I wasn’t an OG player. For a long time, I haven’t been put on the top players list. But I know I belong there. I don’t want just this title; I want all of the titles.”



“In real life, you may be shy and such, but in games I can be whoever I want to be. Games allow me to connect with others like I wouldn’t in real life, to meet people from all over the world. Critical Ops brings so many different people together. If we win this, maybe I can make gaming a full-time thing, and that would mean a lot to me. It’s a dream to have a career by playing.”

Islands of Nyne Roster

As the battle royale genre continues to grow, more developers are releasing their take on the newest craze in the esports space. Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale (or just ‘IoN’) is one such title in the genre, developed by a Kickstarter-funded independent game studio Define Human Studios. The game has been in development since 2015 and will hit Steam Early Access soon.

Define Human Studios decided to test the esports-worthiness of the title right away. The upcoming Islands of Nyne Spring Invitational event will feature over 20 teams over the course of three hours; it begins on May 12 at 2pm EST.

As big fans of Battle Royale genre, we wanted to be a part of this event. Please join us in welcoming to the GS fam our roster for the event:


Gina “Seas” (Captain/In-Game Leader)

The 21 year old Rochester, NY native began her battle royale career in amateur scrims in H1Z1 before running and competing in community tournaments for Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale. She likes the game’s fast pace and the loading lobby that lets you practice your aim. Her favorite part of the map is Castle and her favorite weapon is the MK-18. She’s a huge Star Wars fan (May the Fourth be with you) and streams multiple days a week over at twitch.tv/twitchseas. You can also follow her on Twitter at twitter.com/TwitchSeas.


Kevin “Woes” Schult (Slayer)

Woes’ background in competitive CS:GO on LAN and in ESEA will certainly serve him well in IoN: BR. He is a 22-year-old from Manitoba, Canada and enjoys camping (not in the gaming context, but with real trees and bugs). His favorite part of the IoN: BR map is Harbor because a lot of people drop there and it’s a good place to get kills early in the match. His tip for new players is to use the Training mode to find proper sensitivity settings and learn the basics of the game. @GS_Woes is the place to follow him on Twitter and you can catch him streaming over at twitch.tv/WoesIoN.


Bryce “Alaskan” Leighton (Support)

This may come as a shock to you, but Alaskan is in fact from Alaska. He’s 20 years old and enjoys disc golf and shooting when he’s not at the keyboard. That being said, Alaskan has had plenty of success in esports while at said keyboard, including finishing Top 25 in solos in Phase 16 Weeks 1 and 2 in IoN: BR and qualifying for the H1Z1 Pro League. He suggests that new players of IoN: BR shouldn’t be afraid to die and should take all the fights they can in order to improve. Alaskan can be found at @AlaskanBased on both Twitter and Twitch.


Mitchell “Carey” Carey (Manager/Sub)

Our H1Z1 Community Manager, Carey, has taken the reigns of our IoN: BR lineup as their manager and substitute. He is 22 years old, from Manchester, UK, and is a quality assurance tester for the game. In addition to his work in quality assurance, he has organised over 30 hackathons around Europe, from the UK to Ukraine. He says that IoN: BR’s smooth motion and pure gun skill-reliant gameplay make it unique in the genre. He can be found on Twitter at twitter.com/Carey______ (before you ask, it’s six underscores).


To keep up with the team and the scene as a whole, follow both @gankstars and @IslandsOfNyne on Twitter. We hope you’re ready to watch us get a #GSWIN on May 12!

Announcing NA Fortnite Pro Team

Fortnite is nothing short of a cultural phenomenon and we're happy to be a part of it! Last month we announced a European Fortnite team. Those guys were solid; however, as a North American organization, we thought it best to find a North American team for this game. 

Please help us welcome GS Ceice, GS Nazgul, GS Logan, and GS Pixul!

We are flying all 4 of them to Las Vegas this weekend to challenge Ninja the GOAT himself at Esports Arena's $50K event! You can buy spectator passes here. The livestream starts at 5pm Pacific at twitch.tv/esportsarena.

Love Fortnite? With two new editors coming to GS, you should subscribe to our Youtube channel for incoming awesome Fortnite content!

H1Z1 Pro League Roster Revealed

Gankstars proudly present their official 2018 roster for the inaugural season of H1Z1 Pro League!

Gankstars 2018 H1Z1 Roster.png

Nolan “Beast” Emery

Kyle “Kyraig” Craig

Garrett “buffalo” Perry

Brenden “Casper” Marino

Max “nasticle” Clelan

Dylan “mobz” Hernandez

Luc “LudicrouslyLuc” Matthews (Coach)

“When first joining the team, I knew there was potential for something great,” says Luc, Gankstars’ H1Z1 Team Manager and Coach. “The goal was to find two elite players who could add to the core team of nasticle, Beast, and Casper’s already winning culture that Gankstars is accustomed to.”

Gankstars beat both Echo Fox and Rogue during DreamHack Atlanta last summer, finishing 9th overall. A few months later, the team added Casper and placed 2nd in the first qualifier at DreamHack Sweden; however, one of the players had technical issues in the second qualifier that prevented him from playing, and the team had to take a loss. The potential of the new core became apparent, and now the team just needed to find two players to complement it.

Luc admits it was a challenge for him to add two players to the team who had never played competitively together. Right from the start, however, the two players added - kyraig and Buffalo - would exceed expectations. The team practiced rigorously six days a week, and managed to always have a good time. Then Dylan "mobs" Hernandez joined, an amazing backup who is on-par with the starters.

This April, Gankstars' pro H1Z1 team takes center stage at Caesars Palace's new esports arena in Las Vegas. The team will compete alongside 14 other inaugural franchises, including esports giants such as Cloud9, Team SoloMid, Rogue, and Tempo Storm. 

“I’m excited to go to Vegas to prove to everyone that we’re the best team in H1PL!” says Luc.

The opening ceremony and the first match of the inaugural season will take place Saturday, April 21st at 7pm Pacific. Fans can attend live by purchasing a ticket at tixr.com/h1z1pro, or watch live on facebook.com/h1z1proleague.  

GankCoin: Revolution in Esports Payments

UPDATE: This was our April Fools joke, we hope you enjoyed!

When we first launched our website back in 2015, it stated that Gankstars' ultimate vision was to help push the entire esports industry forward. At the time, the statement was almost laughable: how can a new esports org do anything to impact the entire industry? We couldn't, of course. Yet passion to eventually be in the position of being able to affect change on global level is that helped us get through everyday challenges. Today, we can finally announce something that we think will send ripple effects across the entire community and change the way pro esports players are paid. 

The Twin Problem

The biggest challenge to any aspiring esports organization in this rapidly-growing industry is the ability to afford pro player salaries. Even if you're a pro player for a top-tier organization, you're probably used to complimenting that salary with donations from streaming. Not to mention most of team support staff and many esports casters.

On the other hand, you have millions of fans who watch competitions, but are not able to reward their favorite player when he or she does an incredible move in game, leading their team to victory. Shouldn't the fans be able to tip to their favorite players right then, in the moment?

We call this the Twin Problem because the two scenarios are separate, but obviously related - solving the second problem also solves the first. 

Let's be honest - the value of each professional player varies wildly. Why? Because professional players are rockstars, not just athletes. They're celebrities in the world of esports. If one player has 100,000 die-hard followers and another also has 100,000 followers that don't feel very engaged, should they still be paid the same just because they're on the same team? Every player should be rewarded proportionate to the size & quality of personal brand they have worked so hard to build. 

The Solution

It was in front of us this whole time: if esports organizations are primarily valued by their following, and that value changes real-time and dynamically as their fan base grows, then why are professional players not given the same opportunity? Fans should be the ones defining a professional players' worth. Indirectly, they already do - no organization will hire a player that's universally-hated. With the emergency of blockchain technology, we are finally able to connect fans and players directly.

Introducing GankCoin - a tradable, open-platform cryptocurrency that every fan will soon be able to buy, and every professional player will be able to receive at any time, whether live at a tournament or live on an esports comedy show. 

It's a revolutionary, direct connection between the fan and the player. After we execute the Initial Coin Offering (April 15-30, sign up below for details on how to participate), GankCoin will be available on your favorite cryptocurrency exchange platform. If you already own Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrency, you will be able to buy GankCoin with it. Because GankCoin is blockchain-based, there's no central repository for its data, which means that any esports organization will be able to collect GankCoin from their fans as payment to their professional players. 

Leading by Example: Coin Match

On May 1, we will start sending communications to our hundreds of thousands of followers about how they can purchase GankCoin. For the entire month of May, Gankstars will gift a GankCoin for every coin purchased; i.e., everyone who buys in May will get double the value. And in June, we will gift half a coin for every coin purchased.

Excited to Learn More?

Sign up below to be the first to know! Please also check out the official GankCoin website and its FAQ page.

Goodbye and Good Luck, Vainglory
 CullTheMeek, Pwnt, gabevizzle, & IraqiZorro after winning 1st VG World Championship in 2015

CullTheMeek, Pwnt, gabevizzle, & IraqiZorro after winning 1st VG World Championship in 2015

Dear fans, this... is hard. Today, our hearts are heavy. 

For a full story and memories of good times, check out our CEO's blog post here.

Vainglory is a great game, and SEMC is full of great people. We had some of the best memories in this game. We started with nothing - zero dollars - and we grew to be a top 3 team in Vainglory, dominating for years. At one point, a new rule had to be made to prevent organizations from bringing more than one team to World Championships, after we brought 2 teams and had a chance of seeing both of them in the grand finals!

Vainglory is where we learned how to run teams, too, through a lot of trial and error. It's where we grew as people, as colleagues, and as a community. It's the place where we tested some of our core values - such as the no assh**es rule - and learned to suffer consequences whenever we cut corners. It is thanks to Vainglory that our next teams ran even smoother and started winning even faster. And it is thanks to Vainglory that we could meet each other at so many live events (11, to be exact). 

They say all good things come to an end. Today, we announce our departure from our home game for reasons stated in our CEO's blog post. Hopefully, Vainglory prospers and we have an opportunity to return in the future.

We won't pretend like this isn't sad. It is. But it's also bittersweet. The sweet part is that it opens up other opportunities for us due to freed-up human resources. We're very excited to be entering PUBG Mobile imminently, and will be announcement more movements in the mobile space soon! 

Our Critical Ops team continues to be the best in the world, consistently placing #1 in all major tournaments available to it, including North American regional championship that finished just this past weekend. We cannot wait to see how Critical Ops evolves this year - the game has so much promise. 

While we were born in mobile and love the space, we are growing a significant presence on PC platform as well. Winning an H1PL franchise was a huge step forward for us; not only does it provide us with significantly more revenue, but it also allows us to pursue endemic sponsorships. Our Paladins team is #1 in North America as far as challengers tier goes, and has a chance at being #1 in the world in general. And our Fortnite guys are quite amazing; we're just waiting for Fortnite esports to start. We're not stopping there either - we're looking at some established, large titles right now. 

This year, Gankstars' revenue is already guaranteed to be at least triple of last year's, and we're only in March. We are happy about how 2018 is looking and are excited to share some great news with you soon.

Dear gank fam, we are truly sorry that the day has come to say goodbye to a game we know is dear to so many of you... and, we invite you to follow us on our non-Vainglory adventures, which we promise will be fun and plentiful. <3 Join our public discord server here to see a list of our other game servers.

Allow us to close out with a picture from Vainglory World Invitational, the first Vainglory live event in Korea and the place where PwntByUkrainian and IraqiZorro first decided to pursue esports seriously and long-term. This picture is fitting because while closing our Vainglory chapter feels like the end to an era, it is also the beginning of something new and exciting. To our friends at SEMC - "Thank you, and may Vainglory be the great success that you have worked so hard for!".

With love, always, Gankstars. #GSWIN

Teams & Staff at Vainglory World Invitational. AKA, "Where's Vainglory?"

Goodbye for Now, Clash Royale

We are very excited for the future of Clash Royale as a game, and for the announcement of Clash Royale League in general. Unfortunately, we did not have the opportunity to be one of the members of the League this year. We have some brilliant CR players onboard, but without a spot in the League we would essentially be blocking them from bigger and brighter opportunities. And that's just not what we're about.

Effective immediately, we will allow all of our Clash Royale players to dissolve their contracts with Gankstars and pursue opportunities with CRL. A huge thank you to Michael "RAmbo" Rose, the team manager, for his hard work in the past 6 months. The team was feeling good and ready to rock this year under his leadership.

GS players - thank you for being here! Good luck finding amazing opportunities out there with one of the CRL teams.

Gankstars will focus on other mobile titles this year; however, we've always been bullish on Clash Royale and are looking forward to a time when we can return to the game in larger capacity. What the team at Supercell is building is quite amazing.

GankstarsClash Royale, CR, CRL, RAmbo
We're in H1Z1 Pro League!

Gankstars is excited to announce that it is one of the 15 charter teams of the H1Z1 Pro League (H1PL), a groundbreaking league that puts players first while delivering a top-tier Battle Royale product. We stand alongside giants such as Cloud9, CLG, Echo Fox, and TSM. The venture is backed by Twin Galaxies, who produced Fight for the Crown, the H1Z1 LAN that aired on CW in April 2017. Events like Fight for the Crown and DreamHack Atlanta 2017 brought the Battle Royale genre into the esports limelight, which is now shared by titles such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite.

A common criticism of the Battle Royale genre when it comes to esports is that the action is often widespread, making it difficult for production crews to spectate and for viewers to follow. The H1PL plans to change that by automating the spectator camera, increasing the on-screen action through shortening of the range of combat, implementing an improved spectator UI, and developing a second screen that will provide juicy match statistics for viewers to cross-reference. Much like Fight for the Crown, H1PL matches will be programmatic (22 minute matches and 30 minute broadcasts). H1Z1's easy to understand mechanics make it the perfect introduction to esports for new audiences. All matches will be played live at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, providing exceptional production value. The season will consist of two 10-week splits, followed by a seasonal championship sometime at the end of the year.

With these broadcast improvements also come measures to professionalize esports. Players will receive minimum salaries, benefits, and a voice in the governing body while also living in a team house in Las Vegas, while organizations will receive profit-sharing from the league and hands-on access to the league's administration.

Find out more about the league at www.h1pl.com. Thank you for supporting us, Gank fam! This is a big milestone for GS, and we're hella-excited to be bringing you fun content, kick-ass performances, and more big news as the year unfolds. We'll do our best to make you proud!

#FeelsGood #GSWIN

Gankstars Ban Player for Hacking

Having a clear zero-tolerance policy on hacking, as well as frequent conversations with our players on the issue, allowed us to avoid having a hacker amidst our ranks for a very long time. Nevertheless, it is impossible to control each player's environment when they play in online-only tournaments. The best we can do in a situation when a player decides to violate terms of service of the game as well as their contract with Gankstars is to cooperate with the game publisher and tournament organizers by providing them with whatever information they need to enforce a proper penalty.

Sadly, late last night we found out that Elite, a member of our Critical Ops team, has hacked in at least one tournament in the past. We have removed Elite from the team and hope he learns from his mistake and never hacks in the future. In all other aspects, Elite was a great member of the team and it is sad that his Critical Ops career has to end on such a somber note. 

Gankstars, tell your friends to never hack. Without hard work, achieving something like a tournament win will just feel empty anyway - it's simply not worth it. 

We Enter Fortnite

Gankstars has signed a PC Fortnite team, recruiting some of the game's top players: Speeedyy, xBal, and Taiovsky. The team is headed by Navron, who led our Paladins PC squad until he decide to make the switch to Fortnite.

Attracted to the teamwork-centric game, Navron conducted tryouts for several weeks, narrowing it down to the best players for the team. "I'm looking forward to pushing my squad further and further each day to see what we can bring to the esports side of the game."

EPIC Games initially released Fortnite on July 25, 2017 as a sandbox survival game, considered by many to be a cross between Minecraft and Left 4 Dead. The standalone Fortnite Battle Royale mode was released in September 2017 and has reached 45 million players. The esports scene, although just beginning, is gaining traction rapidly with more and more organizations signing professional players.

We're not the first organization to enter Fortnite, but we are going to work hard until we are the best. Now excuse us; we have some forts to build.

Want a Fortnite Discord server where you can chat with other awesome Gankstars fans? Click right here.

Follow the players: 





Clash Royale in 2018

Welcome RAmbo!

The Gankstars team is thrilled to announce the addition of RAmbo/Rose (@RAmRoseMGMT) to the Clash Royale Management Team. RAmbo is a highly accomplished Clash Royale player with the necessary experience and fortitude to help manage GankStars into 2018 and beyond. RAmbo is a skilled player, but has also shown particular talent in management. We are thrilled and look forward to working with him!

Sjoerd Statement of Release

After careful consideration, the Gankstars Clash Royale management has decided to part ways with Sjoerd (@SjoerdCR). Despite Sjoerd’s passion for the game, in preparation for future additions, we felt this was the best option. As 2018 approaches, Gankstars is committed to signing new talent and creating a solid roster in the Clash Royale esports scene. We wish nothing but the best for Sjoerd and thank him for his time with Gankstars.


GankStars reaffirms its objective of solidifying growth and development across all teams, and specifically Clash Royale, in 2018. There are a few potential additions in the works, and we will be sure to announce them once things become official. As the mobile esports scene continues to evolve, Gankstars will remain in stride… get ready!

We Partner with Twitch

We have grown so much over the years: from one team - to seven, from one game - to six. Mobile games are our stomping grounds. At the same time, we have successfully ventured onto PC and consoles and began to look for a streaming platform that could support our growing needs. 

We're excited to announce that, starting October 1, you can only find our professional players on Twitch! Without a doubt, Twitch has the most features and the widest audience right now; it is a perfect fit for organizations with teams on multiple platforms. Plus, purple goes well with black and gold! (Disagree? Watch the movie Kick-Ass.) 

Speaking of kick-ass - we're now building a best-in-class Twitch stream team. As usual, we have a unique spin on the idea and aren't interested in making a cookie-cutter stream team. If you are an amazing streamer with growth numbers to back it up, and want to be on an organized team whose #1 objective is to grow your brand, please reach out to our stream team lead Remix and schedule a chat.

Mobcrush - Thank You <3

"It was Autumn 2015, and I had just received confirmation from Mobcrush that they would sponsor us," recalls our CEO PwntByUkrainian. "I am quite certain I nearly cried that day. We were a new org and Mobcrush was our first major sponsor; and, I was in love with their idea of making mobile game streaming effortless. Mobcrush delivered on that promise."

Mobcrush had been nothing short of amazing partners and we are forever, deeply grateful for their support over the years. We can only hope that we made a similar impression on them.

Mobcrush - thank you for everything. 

Twitch Events

Stay tuned on our Twitter and Facebook for stream marathons, casual game nights, and various other events coming up, now on Twitch! 

SuiJeneris Departs as Luke Takes on COO Role

Jeff “SuiJeneris” Chau announced today that he will be leaving GankStars to pursue a rare opportunity. Sui - thank you for the work you’ve done in the short time of being here: from supporting our Vainglory team to recruiting our Clash Royale roster to overall operations management. May the stars shine bright on your next adventure!

We’re delighted to announce that Luke “R34P3R” Hoffman will be taking over as COO. A GankStars veteran and an avid gamer, Luke brings with him experience of managing own business and true love for esports. Quiet and reserved when you first meet him, Luke packs a punch when it comes to execution and is universally-liked by those he works with. 

With that, we’re looking for a kick-ass to join us as the Director of Marketing. Of course: love of games and esports is required. If that’s you, drop us a message at info@gankstars.gg

GankStars Analyst Application Fall 2017

As many may already know, GankStars, fields a top level support team, one of the best in the game. With our team being hit with studies as well as us looking toward the future of Vainglory, we have decided to, for the third time, open up analyst applications.

However, this round will be different from the previous two. In this application, we will be looking for analysts with a specialization and proficiency in gameplay and draft analysis. Critical thinking backed by game knowledge, understanding, logic, and evidence will be key.

This Analyst Position:

  • Gameplay analysis
  • Draft analysis
  • Theorycrafting
  • Basic statistics

Requirements :

Use any gameplay analysis of your choice (we recommend a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats), but the applicant is free to choose) write up a thoughtful discourse on Team SoloMid (TSM) using data from Split 1. While you may use Mobile Masters, it is discouraged. Keep in mind that we are looking for gameplay understanding, breakdowns, draft comprehension, and more.

Be sure to back all points using specific timestamps from the TSM matches, and include links where applicable

Preferable write in Google Docs, and then submit your application form

Do not write your name in the actual analysis. When we’re reviewing your analysis, we do not want to know your name, age, gender, etc. Information like this should only be submitted through the Google Forms application. If you do include your information in the analysis, you will be disqualified

Deadline: November 3rd, 2017 at 23:59 PDT, all late submissions will not be considered

Highly Recommended:

  • English proficiency
  • Capability of attending anything scheduled in the morning, afternoon, or evening in NA (North America)
  • Vanglorious (tier 10), has 1000+ casual/ranked wins, or both
  • Previous analytical history in the competitive or community scene
  • Previously competed in VIS (or your regional equivalent) and/or the Vainglory8
  • Has a rudimentary understanding of spreadsheets (arithmetic formulas, charts, etc.)
  • Capability of understanding and executing basic mathematical analyses
  • Familiarity or proficiency with statistics
  • Data entry
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Fast, driven learner
  • Discord for everyday contact

Final Notes :

Will be working with our players

Will be working with our support team

  • Co-Owner and Strategic Advisor Owens
  • Head Coach and walking encyclopedia Quwasiq
  • Senior Analyst and diseased Einstein Vyzeox
  • Analyst and living calculator namnnumbr
  • Analyst and tainted prodigy Halinator

This is an unpaid position, but this may be subject to change in the future.

Non-disclosure agreement mandatory.

Submit an application here.

Those who reach can touch the stars!