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SuiJeneris Departs as Luke Takes on COO Role

Jeff “SuiJeneris” Chau announced today that he will be leaving GankStars to pursue a rare opportunity. Sui - thank you for the work you’ve done in the short time of being here: from supporting our Vainglory team to recruiting our Clash Royale roster to overall operations management. May the stars shine bright on your next adventure!

We’re delighted to announce that Luke “R34P3R” Hoffman will be taking over as COO. A GankStars veteran and an avid gamer, Luke brings with him experience of managing own business and true love for esports. Quiet and reserved when you first meet him, Luke packs a punch when it comes to execution and is universally-liked by those he works with. 

With that, we’re looking for a kick-ass to join us as the Director of Marketing. Of course: love of games and esports is required. If that’s you, drop us a message at

Transfer of Paladins Team to Ninjas in Pyjamas, FNATIC

When we learned that we were not (yet) able to compete in the newly-announced Paladins Premier League (PPL), our #1 priority became finding the right home for our players. 

As announced by Ninjas in Pyjamas and FNATIC earlier this week, NiP secured Bird, bonkar, and Laizy while FNATIC secured Thiel. We thank NiP and FNATIC for providing a great new home and opportunity for our players. To ex-GankStars: thanks for the wins you brought home and best of luck with your new teams! We know you will kick ass in PPL and beyond.

GankStars' New Team

Simultaneously, we're happy to invite Sorsa, WesTo, Skosas, and menschmeier360 to GankStars as we acquire their team WCKD ('wicked')! Navron, already a GankStar and ex-manager of our Paladins Console team, rounds up the roster. These guys are currently dominating Paladins Global Series (PGS) and have the best shot at qualifying for HiRez Expo (HRX), which is the equivalent of World Championship in Paladins. We're excited to work with our new team and will have more news on them later.

Will GankStars Ever Play in PPL?

We hope so! Though it cannot happen for split 1 of this season, we're in discussions with the league in regards to the future. It would be an honor to play alongside the 10 stellar teams already announced


Be Ultimate

We alluded to a new partnership back when we announced relocating our Vainglory team house to Los Angeles. Today, we'd ready to dive into more details. Let's start with a video: 

Ultimate provides us with many benefits, but the main three are: 

  • A 20,000 sq. ft. facility near Los Angeles, California, where our players can practice, chill (there are arcade machines, a kitchen, a half-pipe, a BBQ grill, and a dining area), and work out at the on-site gym. They can also stream from one of the BlackMagic- and Origin-equipped streaming 'pods'.
  • Esports and lifestyle apparel design, manufacturing, sale, and distribution. In other words, Ultimate will be making our jerseys, hoodies, hats, socks, coach jackets - you name it. And, they will be doing it with style. In fact, making stylish streetwear is one of their specialties - stuff you wouldn't feel weird wearing every day while still repping your team (that's us!).
  • Production. Their facility includes a full photoshoot studio. Plus, they're good at making videos, such as the one about this partnership embedded above.

This partnership is available to all of our teams. If we have a team housed near Ultimate, they can help us create content and our players can practice at their facility. If we have an event nearby or need to bootcamp for an event, they can host us. And we get to interact with  In short - it's awesome! 

Who else is partnering with ULT? eUNITED. So we get to hang out with them, too - nice side benefit! They're an excellent organization with multiple top teams.

We're excited for the content and the high-quality apparel we will be creating together with Ultimate - stay tuned! They are great on Twitter, too; If you like to see cutting edge esports lifestyle products and content, give them a follow! Last but not least, we'd like to thank our previous apparel partners, Raven, for amazing support and relationship; anyone who isn't partnering with Ultimate and wants apparel should reach out to Raven.


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