GankCoin is a cryptocurrency designed for gamers, by gamers. It gives gamers around the world a chance to directly reward their favorite esports athletes and influencers for their skill and entertainment. GankCoin allows fee-free donations to finally become a reality, all while providing all other benefits associated with cryptocurrencies: decentralization, safety, independence of banks and governments, and so forth.

Why 'GankCoin'? 

In gaming, to 'gank' is to use situational awareness in order to make a great move that defeats your opponent. Top athletes are applauded for their high ganking skills. As this coin is a great move forward for the industry by the virtue of allowing athletes to earn more money, thus ushering more stability into the space, we felt GankCoin just makes sense. Plus, it relates to our name.

How Does It Work?

A gamer uses a cryptocurrency exchange service, such as Coinbase, to purchase GankCoin

When is ICO? Details?

ICO details will be announced by Apr 5th, and the ICO itself will take place between Apr 15th and Apr 30th.