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Thursday - Share the Loot Contest and Idris Lore III


Share the Loot Contest

There's a 1 in 3 chance of earning the heroes and skins you like by opening mystery chests. You either need ICE or a Key to open mystery chests. SEMC is rewarding 2 keys to a lucky individual in every region every day until Dec 29. All you have to do is upload a screenshot using #shareyourloot to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. 

Idris Lore... Continued

The Churn was swallowing him… and he did not wish to resist. - SugarVenom

Rana and Ayah, the mechanical snake that torments the halls of The House of Insight comes to life in the epic battle between Idris and the serpent sisters. Idris is able to find the book that will unlock the mysteries to defeating the Churn. Since his people lack the technology to be able to read and apply the books' principles, Adagio and Idris team up in search of the Technologists, the only people that may know how. 

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